To drawRect or not to drawRect?

Ddd6d3bac7772fa67fc5e312a18bdaec?s=47 sammyd
March 29, 2014

To drawRect or not to drawRect?

All too often online advice for constructing beautiful UI on iOS starts out by suggesting that you create a custom UIView subclass and override drawRect, but is this the best approach? What alternatives exist? How should I choose between them.

This talk will involve a high-level look at the different graphical processing options on iOS, including CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, UIView and OpenGL. Then we'll take a look at the following questions, with plenty of examples: - what does drawRect actually do? - when is drawRect slow? - what are all these CALayer subclasses? - when should I be choosing each of the options?

By the end of the talk we'll have covered some specific examples of how to choose each of the drawing technologies, and will hopefully have persuaded you that drawRect isn't always the best choice.



March 29, 2014