How to Write a Resume for a School Cleaner Position

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November 06, 2019

How to Write a Resume for a School Cleaner Position

Before writing a resume for a school cleaner position, find out what the employer wants in a prospective employee. For instance, which skills are required, and how much experience is sufficient. Putting this information in front of you will help you write a rocking resume.

Let us start from the very beginning. School Cleaner Resumes are demanding to write because of their length, and the different sections within them. But if you break down a resume, you can easily write a great resume.

When writing a school cleaner resume, begin from the top – aka the resume objective or summary statement. Here, mention precisely that you are applying for a school cleaner position. Say a few niceties about your skills, hinting at more information. Stick to general cleaner skills – the competencies section will take up where you left off. And move on to the next section.

Then comes the skills and competencies section. This is fairly easy to write as well, and not too long. Mention your core skills such as cleaning agents usage, student safety, inventory management, sweeping and mopping, recycling, and trash management. Here, the hiring manager just expects to see which particular areas you are competent in.

Following the competencies section is the accomplishments section. This is extremely important to get right. In a previous cleaning position, you must have done something that was out of the ordinary. This is the time to highlight it, and achieve fame. For instance, it could be inventing a cleaning agent that was 100% safe. The impact of this information will be quite heavy on the employer.

Moving on, we have the professional experience section, which is also the longest part of the resume. Any two past experiences (preferably the last 2) must be highlighted here. You should focus on all the duties that you have held in a previous or present role. These would include sweeping and mopping floors, washing bathrooms and cafeterias, disposing of trash, cleaning and polishing mirrors and furniture, and replenishing bathroom supplies. You can add more, of course.

Last but certainly not the least is the education section of the resume. Working as a cleaner requires basic education such as a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. Not posting this information in the resume can make the hiring manager wonder if or not you are a good choice for the position.



November 06, 2019