Discover the Serializer component

34ade09dd3d11004ca8ee4174fd3d6a2?s=47 Sarah KHALIL
September 22, 2017

Discover the Serializer component

The Symfony’s Serializer component exists since version 2 of Symfony, but lately it has been improved and includes a lot of new features.

During this talk, I’ll present the unknown but very powerful features of this library.

After a reminder of the basics, we’ll discover how the component enables the use of any type of PHP object, whatever their styles : getters / setters, public properties, proxys…

Then, we’ll see the different formats natively supported : JSON, XML, YAML and CSV. We’ll also use dates, and mention the file upload with the « data : URI » support.

Finally, we’ll study more complex cases such as choosing the properties to serialize / unserialize thanks to groups, managing circular references, serializing trees by limiting their depth and updating the existing objects.



September 22, 2017