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Track My Candidate Presentation

Track My Candidate Presentation



July 21, 2021


  1. Track My Candidate Created by: Shruti Banerjie, Govind Joshi, Randall

    Crawford, and Rishi Iyer
  2. About Track My Candidate There is a wealth of information

    available about elections, public representatives, and congressional legislation, but the majority of the public is still ill-informed about its government. The issue with government and legislation is that it is stereotyped with an aura of being boring and verbose. It is easier to digest bite-sized videos and articles curated by media networks rather than doing your own research when the data is so difficult to access. What use is data if it is not easily accessible? Democracy is dependent on the well-informed opinions of the public, and thus, we have made it our responsibility to provide that information in a simple and accessible manner with Track My Candidate.
  3. An Inside Look of Some of Our Pages Our home

    page can be seen above An example of one of our model pages Can be seen below
  4. Meet the Team Govind Joshi Full-Stack Engineer ❖ Issue Count:

    12 ❖ Unit Tests Count: 15 Shruti Banerjie Back-end Engineer ❖ Issue Count: 2 ❖ Unit Tests Count: 15
  5. Meet the Team Randall Crawford Front-end Engineer ❖ Issue Count:

    65 ❖ Unit Tests Count: 15 Rishi Iyer Back-end Engineer ❖ Issue Count: 2 ❖ Unit Tests Count: 15
  6. Demonstration

  7. Critiques on Our Work What did we do well? ❖

    Flexibility ❖ Coordinating Tasks ❖ Working as a Team What did we learn? ❖ Working with people of different knowledge levels ❖ Working Remotely ❖ Front-end, Back-end, and Full-Stack development What can we do better? ❖ Start early ❖ Better Communication ❖ Better Delegation of Tasks What Puzzles Us? ❖ Scraping Data ❖ Selenium on GitLab CI/CD
  8. Critiques on Stonk Alert What did they do well? ❖

    Color Coordination ❖ Image/Graphics Quality ❖ Using a Minimalistic way of introducing information What did we learn? ❖ Different Companies’ Stock information ❖ Robust filtering techniques What can they do better? ❖ Adding graphics on the models pages ❖ Navbar icons What puzzles us? ❖ Splash page graph being slightly cut off
  9. Thank you for your time. Let us know if you

    have any questions.