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Web Maps & Electric Vehicles

Web Maps & Electric Vehicles

ESRI Conference 2013

Daniel Scrivano

July 09, 2013

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  1. Web Maps &
    Electric Vehicles
    Daniel Scrivano
    Sonali Dujari, Michael Nicholas, Gil Tal, Justin Woodjack
    Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research Center, UC Davis

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  2. Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle
    Research Center, UC Davis

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  3. Problem: EVs require infrastructure
    ● chargers are not ubiquitous

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  4. Solution: LINUX

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  5. Problem: Acquiring EV owners info
    Paper surveys
    ○ a hassle
    ○ errors during transcription
    ○ geocoding errors due to transcription errors
    ○ difficult for survey takers to visualize driving trip diaries based upon
    street addresses

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  6. Solution: Web Maps
    ● everyone loves maps!
    ● helps users visualize their driving habits
    ● provides instant feedback
    ● visualizes accurate range issues
    ● eliminates most geocoding errors
    ● increases the accuracy of
    the dataset

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  7. The LAMP Web Stack
    ● Apache
    ● MySql
    ● Php

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  8. The Modern Web Stack
    ● Nginx
    ● Php-fpm
    ● MongoDB

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  9. MongoDB
    ● noSql
    ● schemaless
    ○ good performance
    ○ significantly less time
    to develop
    ○ javascript/json based
    ○ simple
    ○ not as featureful as mysql (pro?)

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  10. Developing with mongodb
    The database that moved in next door
    ● Getting and setting
    data is effortless

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  11. MySql's perspective of web chaos

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  12. Mongo's perspective

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  24. Thank You
    Daniel Scrivano
    [email protected]
    PH&EV Research Center
    UC Davis

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