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Intro - RESTful Web Services with Kotlin and Spring Boot

2d3d2bc3ce9e8ae7697278932fa4f2a2?s=47 SD Kotlin
October 03, 2018

Intro - RESTful Web Services with Kotlin and Spring Boot

Intro slides for SD Kotlin's October 2018 meeting.


SD Kotlin

October 03, 2018

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  2. San Diego Kotlin User Group meetup.com/sd-kotlin linkedin.com/company/sd-kotlin github.com/sdkotlin @sdkotlin on

    Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram #san-diego on kotlinlang.slack.com
  3. Our Mission Advancing the Kotlin programming community in San Diego,

    and beyond.
  4. Raffle! $1

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  6. Forging STEM pioneers https://www.brandt.academy/

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  10. Sayva is derived from the word Seva (pron. Say-va), meaning

    selfless service. It embraces our fundamental belief that long-term relationships are created through teamwork and doing what is in the best interest of others.
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  12. Job Title Location Company Description Technology Salary / Benefits Senior

    Android Developer Rancho Bernardo High visibility and influential position with a well-known and public-facing SaaS company with a start-up feel. Build streaming, content-focused customer-facing Android applications using cutting-edge technology. Android, Java or Kotlin $120-150k Lead Mobile Architect (iOS or Android) Downtown This is a rapidly scaling company looking to solve complex problems that will take their SaaS platform to the next level! After a very successful launch they are poised to revolutionize social media monetization. Swift, Objective-C or Java SDK, Kotlin $150-180K + Bonus Sr. Java Engineer La Jolla / Carmel Valley A global leader in their industry is actively enhancing their products and platforms. This is an exciting opportunity to work on high profile, consumer facing SaaS products used by millions! **Long-term consultants and Direct Hire/FTE** Java, J2EE, Spring, SQL, SOA, AWS. $60-85/hr 100-145K + Bonus
  13. Call for Presenters Get your 15, 30, 45+ minutes of

    fame by sharing your favorite Kotlin-related whatever!
  14. Call for Sponsors Get your name up in lights, and

    the eternal gratitude of San Diego’s Kotlin engineers!
  15. Announcements? • Hiring? • Looking for work? • Other meetups?

  16. Kotlin News • Kotlin 1.3 RC3 w/ final Coroutines and

    cool main() ◦ https://github.com/JetBrains/kotlin/releases/v1.3-rc3 • Kotlin 1.2.71 w/ kotlin.math constants fix: ◦ https://github.com/JetBrains/kotlin/releases/tag/v1.2.71 • Kotlin/Native 0.9.3 w/ 1.3 and Xcode 10.0 support: ◦ https://github.com/JetBrains/kotlin-native/releases/tag/v0.9.3
  17. Kotlin News • Structured concurrency ◦ https://medium.com/@elizarov/structured-concurrency-722d765aa952 • Gradle Kotlin

    DSL 1.0-RC12 ◦ https://github.com/gradle/kotlin-dsl/releases/tag/v1.0-RC12 • The Gradle Kotlin DSL is now documented ◦ https://blog.ninja-squad.com/2018/09/18/gradle-kotlin-dsl-documentation/
  18. Kotlin News • Spring support for Kotlin Coroutines got a

    fix version ◦ https://jira.spring.io/browse/SPR-15413 • Spring Fu is going strong ◦ https://spring.io/blog/2018/10/02/the-evolution-of-spring-fu • “Kotlin Job Postings on Meteoric Rise Thanks to Android” ◦ https://insights.dice.com/2018/09/24/kotlin-jobs-meteoric-rise-android/
  19. More news on Twitter! https://twitter.com/sdkotlin

  20. Try Kotlin Online https://try.kotlinlang.org/

  21. We’re on Speaker Deck! https://speakerdeck.com/sdkotlin

  22. Let’s slack off! http://slack.kotl.in #san-diego Full message history now!

  23. RESTful Web Services with Kotlin and Spring Boot Steve Contreras