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Intro - Dinner and a Movie: Kotlin Coroutines

Intro - Dinner and a Movie: Kotlin Coroutines

Intro slides for SD Kotlin's April 2018 meeting.

SD Kotlin

April 04, 2018

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  1. None
  2. Dinner and a Movie Kotlin Coroutines San Diego Kotlin User

    Group https://www.meetup.com/sd-kotlin @sdkotlin
  3. Ian Brandt Brandt Academy San Diego Kotlin User Group San

    Diego Java User Group https://www.ianbrandt.com ian@ianbrandt.com
  4. Raffle! $1

  5. A word from our sponsors...

  6. Forging STEM pioneers https://www.brandt.academy/

  7. None
  8. None
  9. Our Mission Advancing the Kotlin programming community in San Diego,

    and beyond.
  10. Call For Presenters Get your 15, 30, 45+ minutes of

    fame by sharing your favorite Kotlin-related whatever!
  11. Call For Sponsors Get your name up in lights, and

    the eternal gratitude of a bunch of Kotlin coding, pizza scarfing engineers!
  12. Announcements? • Hiring? • Looking for work? • Other meetups?

    • Kotlin news? ◦ Kotlin 1.2.31!
  13. Try Kotlin Online https://try.kotlinlang.org/

  14. We’re on GitHub! https://github.com/sdkotlin

  15. We’re on Twitter! https://twitter.com/sdkotlin @sdkotlin

  16. Let’s slack off! http://slack.kotlinlang.org/ #san-diego

  17. Who brought the popcorn?