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The Importance of Firefox OS - GOTO Nights

The Importance of Firefox OS - GOTO Nights


Sergi Mansilla

November 21, 2013

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  1. @sergimansilla November 2013 The importance of Firefox OS

  2. None
  3. @sergimansilla

  4. http:/ /github.com/sergi

  5. Previously

  6. Previously

  7. None
  8. We have problems

  9. Write once...run once Incompatible APIs Store restrictions

  10. None
  11. The user suffers

  12. HTML5

  13. set of technologies and tools

  14. IndexedDB ASM.js Offline

  15. Ubiquity

  16. Standard APIs

  17. Less fragmentation

  18. None
  19. Bulls**t argument #1 Performance

  20. http:/ /youtu.be/wCn3R3-XxBU Fastbook

  21. Unreal engine http:/ /youtu.be/BV32Cs_CMqo

  22. Bulls**t argument #2 JavaScript

  23. JavaScript?

  24. ES6 Modules Classes Block Scoping Iterators Proxies Generators Templates Arrow

    Functions Spread Weak Maps Maps and Sets Array Comprehensions Destructuring Proper Tail Calls Binary Data Default Parameters Rest Parameters Symbols
  25. Dart ClojureScript TypeScript Objective-J Opa LiveScript CoffeeScript Haxe Elm Wisp

  26. 269 languages http:/ /altjs.org/

  27. Bulls**t argument #3 Looks

  28. Real argument #1 Phone APIs (Or the lack of them)

  29. None
  30. None
  31. Remember 2000s?

  32. New mobile OS Leverages open web WebAPI standards No walled

  33. Reuse any website Use Web APIs

  34. Creating a Firefox OS app index.html

  35. manifest.webapp Creating a Firefox OS app

  36. manifest.webapp Creating a Firefox OS app

  37. Hosted and Privileged Apps

  38. Hosted APIs Vibration (W3C) Screen Orientation (W3C) Geolocation (W3C) Mouse

    Lock (W3C) Open WebApps Network Information (W3C) Battery Status (W3C) Web Activities Simple Push (W3C) WebFM WebPayment IndexedDB (W3C) Ambient light sensor Proximity sensor Notification
  39. Privileged APIs Device Storage Browser
 TCP Socket Contacts (W3C) systemXHR

  40. Certified APIs WebTelephony WebSMS
 Idle (W3C)
 Power Management Voicemail

    Mobile Connection WiFi Information WebBluetooth Permissions Network Stats Time/Clock
  41. Notifications

  42. Send an SMS

  43. Vibrate

  44. Vibrate

  45. Set permissions

  46. Mozactivities

  47. Mozactivities

  48. Developer tools

  49. Devtools video!

  50. Developer bliss

  51. http:/ /buildingfirefoxos.com/ Start now!

  52. http:/ /mozilla.github.io/brick/ Start now!

  53. http:/ /mozilla.github.io/brick/ Start now!

  54. marketplace.firefox.com/developers/

  55. github.com/comoyo/ffos-list-detail

  56. https:/ /github.com/comoyo/Firefox-OS-training

  57. It works on Android!

  58. Firefox OS countries Serbia Hungary Poland Brazil Venezuela Colombia Montenegro

    Spain Peru Mexico Uruguay Germany Greece SouthEast Asia Current Planned 2014
  59. Firefox OS Sales Phones were introduced in July by Telefonica

    Sales in Venezuela: 12% Sales in Colombia: 9% http:/ /bit.ly/1aPiIfp
  60. Thanks! You can find this presentation at https:/ /speakerdeck.com/sergi sergi

    sergi@comoyo.com @sergimansilla