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Behat in 2 minutes

Db6218c1b56d64e775eb79ea4f2889dd?s=47 Sebastian
November 21, 2013

Behat in 2 minutes

This is a 2 minute talk in which I introduce behat to the audience. It's a little teaser to let people know what behat is about and how Mink fits into the picture.



November 21, 2013


  1. Behat in 2 minutes @Sgoettschkes

  2. Testing business expectations

  3. Write user stories Scenario: Homepage link to contact Given I

    am on the homepage When I click on “contact” Then I should be redirected to contact page
  4. Implement how to act upon them /** * @Given I

    am on the homepage */ public function iAmOnHomepage() { // do something }
  5. Acceptance test framework

  6. Layer between PHP and browser emulator: • Goutte • Sahi

    • Zombie.js • Selenium • Selenium2
  7. Stop the clock! Thanks!