ShapeDo Introduction - Construction Software

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September 16, 2020

ShapeDo Introduction - Construction Software

ShapeDo is the only end-to-end Proven SaaS solution to control the impacts of design change on program, cost, and delivery.
Design change is the Achilles heel of construction, and most notably of large and complicated projects. It happens frequently, in massive quantity, and often without instruction and with little or no way to discern what has changed. When design changes, it also trickles down to all aspects of a project: planning, commercial, subcontractor coordination, purchasing, and more. So the ability to control these changes is pertinent to controlling the project.
Utilizing cutting-edge proprietary image analysis software, ShapeDo automatically overlays all consecutive revisions to create easily-accessible comparisons that highlight all the changes. This enables users to quickly and efficiently identify all the changes to drawings and ensures that every single change is found. Think ‘track changes’, but for drawings.
Within drawings and comparisons, it enables users to measure, mark-up, and communicate to collaborate with common data and a common goal. Users can then implement simple and familiar project controls (RFI, EW, CE, etc.) with visibility into change and connectivity between teams. ShapeDo enables commercial teams, engineering teams, and planners to work together collaboratively in pursuance of a common goal: having no change go unmanaged.



September 16, 2020


  1. Proven SaaS solution to control the impacts of design change

    on program, cost, and delivery Gain Control. Eliminate Risk.
  2. Project level

  3. • Design Comparison Automatically compare two or more versions of

    drawings • Review Process Guarantee the right people review new information quickly and completely • Contractual Forms and Processes Create, track, and resolve issues • Seamless Communication Rich communions in context, live or integrated with email Integration Seamlessly integrated with most enterprise systems Solution and Technology
  4. • Early identification of technical and commercial issues Seamless management,

    reporting, and audit of technical and commercial issues • Design development improvements Get design construction-ready faster, and with fewer iterations • Increased staff efficiency Increase design and commercial staff efficiency • Risk reduction and dispute avoidance Address technical and commercial risks early, and avoid disputes with a sustainable solution Benefits
  5. Assumptions: 18 month program; 600 main drawings; 3.5 updated construction

    versions each; 220 RFIs and change events; average DM/PM/QS wage of £67,000 (hourly employer cost of £44.35). £564k Identification of technical and commercial issues • 2.24 details on average overlooked per drawing version using legacy review methods • £120 assumed average cost per detail overlooked Value Accrued in a Typical £40M Commercial Project £150k Increase staff efficiency • 40 minutes x 2 people saved per drawing update • 60 minutes saved per form (issuing, tracking, reporting) • 1 day management reporting overhead saved per month £100-400k Design development improvements • 5%-20% fewer revisions to reach “construction ready” • £1K cost per version update (design costs + knock-on) Priceless Risk reduction and dispute avoidance • Excluding COVID-19 issues, no project utilizing ShapeDo's from the onset has had a major dispute or material delay to date
  6. ShapeDo has been a massive timesaver in reviewing changes and

    coordinating design NICK HARRIS, DESIGN MANAGER ShapeDo cut our review time by 80% - from the ten QS days budgeted down to two. We also found over £100,000 of otherwise overlooked scope changes TOM ABSALOM, MANAGING DIRECTOR Testimonials ShapeDo was so easy to use, within a day the whole team was naturally heading there to look at drawings instead of the systems we’ve been using for years STEVE HAWTHORNE PROJECT DIRECTOR
  7. Development Pipeline Design Design Development Framework Define, monitor & report

    on design deliverable progress Detail Hyperlinks Automated hyperlinks from drawings to details and section callouts Searchable Drawings Enable search of in-drawing notations using OCR Timeline Narrative Builder Build persuasive narratives with a timeline tool to group and explain drawings, forms, files, and events Accounts Reconciliation Reconcile subcontractor and client accounts and changes by package, event, and timing Commercial QA Automation Automation of multiple QA checks Drawing AI Automatically identify elements and changes in drawings, to enable predictive analysis of drawings and risks Automation
  8. Enterprise level

  9. Enterprise Insights A single dashboard to “drive” operations • Track

    Key Performance indicators Track live performance indicators for design, communications and commercials across projects and portfolios • Enforce processes and procedures Programmatically track compliance with best practices, process and procedures • Identify, control and mitigate risk Get early visibility into problem projects, contracts and suppliers • Optimise operations See detailed performance data to better allocate resources and improve operations
  10. Enterprise Case Study: Ashtrom Da Vinci Project RFIs Case Study

    • A publicly-traded £850M turnover construction group • Using ShapeDo with over 40 projects • Before COVID-19, none of the contracting arm projects were materially behind schedule • 5.5% 2019 Margin (contracting arm only) up from 4.2% in 2018 and 3.9% in 2017 • 5-year £215M project • On-time and on-budget (as of case study date, before COVID-19) • 96% of over 500 RFIs successfully resolved • 5.7 median days to get RFI response I can see the entire project flow from my dashboard. I can see where drawings are being reviewed. I can see where RFIs are opening and closing. Where there is less movement - I know I need to intervene. RONEN GORILNISKY REGIONAL DIRECTOR
  11. APIs and Integrations Drawings From CDE Ent. Systems Contract Management

    Drawing Synchronisation API • Available with most CDE systems, provided authorized access Multi-System Integrations • Provided access - we can automate data flow, KPIs, and record production between systems, or program automatic actions Open API • ShapeDo Open API – available upon request Records Reports
  12. Security and Data • AWS servers in the EU •

    All servers running Amazon EKS- optimized Linux AMI or Ubonto LTS versions with built in UFW firewall • SSH connection using a 2048-bit RSA key with encryption People • Extremely limited administrative access with multiple authentications • All administrators and support staff are full time vetted employees with severe NDAs and background checks References • Israeli MOD approved supplier • Sensitive UK government authority approved (identity and security case can only be shared with other UK government bodies) • Cyber Essentials Optional • 2 factor authentication • Download restriction or monitoring • IP restrictions (e.g only access from onsite) • Administrator and support access limitations Servers
  13. Capabilities Comparison Legend: No solution Can be made to work

    Acceptable solution Very good solution Best in breed with unique capabilities ShapeDo Viewpoint +4P Autodesk Suite CDE / System of Record Store and distribute materials to the supply chain and client Change Management Record and react to changes and instructions effectively Commercial Management Identify, track, and resolve changes to accounts quickly and compliantly Design Development Get design construction-ready faster and cheaper Processes, Controls, and KPIs Introduce and implement effective processes and controls
  14. Typical Rollout

  15. Typical Project Rollout Use case Validation Onboarding Training 7-21 days

    per-project • Meeting with the project leader to understand the project status, priorities, and requirements • API connection • Processing of historic data • Configuration of user access, roles, authorisation levels • Configuration of forms, processes, and KPIs • Training admins & power users • Training all users (DM/QS/PM) • Training of supply chain (as required) On-going Setup Capacity 20-30 new projects per month) • Unlimited online support • Training of new users and supply chain • Continuous configuration and customisation as required
  16. 2-3 months 3-6 months 1-2 weeks Typical Enterprise Rollout Initial

    Specifications First Cohort Further Development 6-9 months to fully deploy system on all projects Defining the initial forms, processes, dashboards, KPIs, and integrations Choose an initial representative cohort of projects to review, improve, and tweak the “playbook” of ShapeDo in the context of the enterprise Form a working group to gather the lessons from the first cohort, and further develop the processes and procedures, forms, KPIs, integrations, and reporting to best fit the enterprise • Unlimited online support • Training of new users and supply chain • Continued configuration and customization as required • Regular review meetings with enterprise, regional and project stakeholders Full Deployment Roll the software out to the entire organisation with implemented learnings On-going