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Modern Style Guides for a Better Tomorrow

Shay Howe
April 01, 2013

Modern Style Guides for a Better Tomorrow

Times are changing and so must the process in which we design and build websites. The days of designing static compositions in Photoshop are a thing of the past, instead, responsive design within the browser is the future. This new world is not without its own risks, but if we focus on maintainability, organization, and modularity we can achieve a better tomorrow.

In this talk Shay will outline styleguides, living documentation on the design and development of a website, and their role within web design and development process. Looking at a few modern practices and standards, this talk will cover the benefits of stylesguides, the strategy behind creating one, and how to best utilize one within your project.

Shay Howe

April 01, 2013

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  1. Modern
    Style Guides
    for a Better Tomorrow
    Shay Howe

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  2. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    CSS is

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  7. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Consistency is one of the
    most powerful usability
    principles: when things
    always behave the same,
    users don’t have to worry
    about what will happen.
    – Jakob Nielson

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  8. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Times are

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  9. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    • HTML5 & CSS3 have opened doors
    • Preprocessors make writing code more efficient
    • Frameworks improve abstraction

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  10. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    • Web standards are evolving
    • OOCSS & SMACSS promote modularization
    • Maintainability & performance are gaining traction

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  11. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    • Feature support is truly respectful
    • Rendering has tremendously improved
    • Updates are continuous

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  12. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    • Static compositions are a house of cards
    • Responsive design is a must
    • Mobile first approach provides clarity

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  13. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    We Need to…
    • Design, or decide, in the browser
    • Provide a realistic presentation of a website
    • Quickly change & iterate
    • Stay consistent
    • Think in systems, not pages
    • Build a style guide

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  14. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    What is a
    Style Guide

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  20. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Style Guide

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  21. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Provide Consistency
    • Build a living reference library
    • Favor constraints
    • Encourage more cohesive design
    • Improve maintainability

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  24. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Set Standards
    • Document design & development standards
    • Conform to standards
    • Socialize standards

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  26. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Improve Workflow
    • See the design in action
    • Cut out unnecessary steps
    • Provide better deliverables
    • Make life easier & save time

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  27. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Raise Awareness
    • Give design & development a voice
    • Create a shared vocabulary
    • Advocate quality

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  30. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe

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  39. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe

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  40. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    • Gather the team
    • Ask thought provoking questions
    • Listen to what is needed
    • Organize feedback

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  41. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Take Inventory
    • Take visual inventory
    • Recognize patterns
    • Identify what to include...
    • Branding
    • Buttons
    • Colors
    • Forms
    • Icons
    • Layout
    • Media
    • Navigation
    • Typography

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  42. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Build Incrementally
    • Set a foundation for content
    Colors, Layout, Lists, Normalize, Typography
    • Add in theme & components
    Alerts, Buttons, Labels, Navigation, Tooltips
    • Round out specifics
    Carousels, Hero, Sidebar

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  51. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Bring It to Life
    • Build in live, real code
    • Show behaviors & interactions
    • Use actual examples
    • Make it comprehensive

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  55. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Document Standards
    • Document set standards
    • Educate through standards
    • Include brand, development, design & editorial guidelines

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  60. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    • Do not neglect the style guide
    • Keep the audience in mind
    • Reduce friction
    • Have a review process

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  61. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe

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  62. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Drive Participation
    • Encourage contribution
    • Evolve through collaboration
    • Make it accessible

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  63. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Watch the Unpredictable
    • Predict the unpredictable
    • Be rigorous, say no!
    • Again, conform to standard

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  64. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Learn from Others
    • Look to others for advice
    • Study different style guides & frameworks
    • Don’t reinvent the wheel

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  65. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Helpful Resources
    • Website Style Guide Resources
    • The Style Guide Guide
    • Style Guide Boilerplate
    • Stylify Me

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  66. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe

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  67. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    1 Provide consistency
    2 Set standards
    3 Form relationships
    4 Build incrementally
    5 Iterate often

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  69. Modern Style Guides @shayhowe
    Thank You!
    Save 35%

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