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How Constraints Cultivate Growth

Shay Howe
September 27, 2013

How Constraints Cultivate Growth

Imagine a playground with no rules. The never-ending dodgeball game would dominate the entire blacktop space, pushing out the jump ropers and Red Rover players. It would never be your turn to go on the swings. And try as you might to remain honest, you'd still catch yourself cheating at Hot Lava Tag.

In order for peace and progress to occur, rules are necessary. The same thought can be applied to designing and developing websites. Nowadays, our options are endless and as designers and developers we can build any website or application we wish. What these options don't guarantee, however, is that what we build will be of any quality or fulfill our users' needs. Fortunately, we can rely on constraints, or "tech rules", to ensure our products are sound.

By settling constraints, we force ourselves to be more productive. They help us make decisions, creating focus around the problem we are trying to solve. They improve our consistency, which provides a better experience for our users. And they help us grow, a valuable asset in times of innovation.

Within this session, Shay will dive into different constraints and their benefits to building websites. Constraints are good and, when leveraged properly, allow us to truly flourish. It's your turn to go on the swings. Enjoy it.

Shay Howe

September 27, 2013

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  1. Less is More How Constraints Cultivate Growth Shay Howe @shayhowe

    learn.shayhowe.com bit.ly/constraints-growth
  2. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe How Do We… • Make

    decisions • Improve experiences • Increase productivity • Work together • Grow and learn
  3. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe Don’t waste resources on growth

    that doesn’t serve a purpose. – Influential Park Ranger (Not a Tree Cop) “
  4. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe Constraints shape and focus problems,

    and provide clear challenges to overcome… – Marissa Mayer “
  5. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe Use Fewer Resources • Start

    early • Set initial conditions • Reduce the number of decisions
  6. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe Remove Distractions • Stick to

    your commitments • Break down task • Reward yourself
  7. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe 5 Roles • Explain Explains

    what they decide • Consult Consults before making the decision • Agree Agrees with others on a decision • Advise Advises on a decision • Inquire Inquires on a decision
  8. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe Avoid making decisions based on

    fear or greed. Focus on what feels right and helps the people in your life. – Carl Smith “
  9. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe Stretch Your Comfort • Break

    habit • Don’t let fear interfere • Work with a friend
  10. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe 1 Use Fewer Resources 2

    Create Regulations 3 Remove Distractions 4 Self-Organize 5 Stretch Your Comfort
  11. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe Do not confuse working within

    constraints with making sacrifices. – Kristian Bjørnard “
  12. How Constraints Cultivate Growth @shayhowe Thank You! @shayhowe learn.shayhowe.com ·

    bit.ly/constraints-growth Save 35% “SHAYHOWE” peachpit.com