Yes, Designer, You CAN Be a Product Leader

F99870f7587bb733ec9ebe2f85eada26?s=47 Shay Howe
March 12, 2016

Yes, Designer, You CAN Be a Product Leader

There are many different ways to get into product leadership, and as a designer you are better suited than most. You have a knack for details, problem solving, and organization. And those skills, believe it or not, make you better suited to get your start in product leadership than many other career paths.

Over the course of my career I’ve been a designer, front-end engineer, and now, most recently, a product leader. I’m ready to demystify what it takes to become a product leader, share the steps I took, and provide advice so that you too may jump into product.

It’s not a journey without it’s struggles but it’s ripe with opportunity and enjoyment!


Shay Howe

March 12, 2016