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Why aren't you giving talks yet? - JSUnconf2016

April 24, 2016

Why aren't you giving talks yet? - JSUnconf2016

Destroying all the excuses people have for not giving a talk.


April 24, 2016


  1. Why aren’t you giving talks yet? @sheley Michele with one

  2. Excuses, excuses @sheley

  3. You don’t have anywhere to speak @sheley

  4. There are tons of speaking opportunities waiting for you @sheley

  5. People will judge you too harshly @sheley

  6. Brains are extremely forgiving of speech @sheley

  7. Speaking well just comes naturally to some people @sheley

  8. It’s just like any other skill @sheley

  9. You must be an expert before you can talk @sheley

  10. You are qualified @sheley

  11. You have to be a people-person to be a great

    speaker @sheley
  12. Introverts can make great speakers @sheley

  13. You’re too scared @sheley

  14. –Mark Twain “There are two types of speakers: those that

    are nervous and those that are liars.” @sheley
  15. If you can comfortably hold a conversation, you can give

    a talk @sheley
  16. –Ian Tyson, stand up comedian & motivational speaker “The body’s

    reaction to fear and excitement is the same…so it becomes a mental decision: am I afraid or am I excited?” @sheley
  17. You don’t have anything to talk about @sheley

  18. The average person says 15,000 words a day @sheley

  19. • a problem you solved • anything that makes you

    feel feelings • compare two unlike things you enjoy • tell a story • a topic you want to learn more about @sheley • topic doesn’t have to be unique
  20. You don’t know how to write a proposal @sheley

  21. It’s your elevator pitch @sheley

  22. You must have the entire presentation ready before submitting a

    proposal @sheley
  23. You can propose a talk before even thinking about how

    you will present @sheley
  24. You don’t know any other speaker tricks @sheley

  25. Fake it ’til you make it @sheley

  26. You know it would just be a waste of time

  27. • share your knowledge • gain deeper understanding of a

    topic • go cool places • meet more new people • get a new hobby @sheley • inspire someone • challenge and surprise yourself
  28. @sheley 3rd Thursday every month berlinjs.org @berlinjs

  29. Further Resources • Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott

    Berkun • http://weareallaweso.me/ • http://wunder.schoenaberselten.com/ 2016/02/16/how-to-prepare-and-write-a-tech- conference-talk/ • @techspeakdigest @sheley