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Decoupled Drupal with Meteor

Decoupled Drupal with Meteor

Decoupled Drupal is all the rage lately. It provides exciting and dynamic ways to present information from your Drupal site to your audience. In this session, we demonstrated an approach to the Decoupling Drupal using Meteor as the front-end for displaying Drupal’s content. This session included a live demonstration of the Drupal DDP Drupal module and Meteor package.

Presented at Drupal Camp Asheville 2015.

Co-presented with @bayofokdeke

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Mark Shropshire

August 15, 2015


  1. D E C O U P L E D D

    R U PA L W I T H M E T E O R B A Y O F O D E K E ( @ B A Y O F O D E K E ) A N D M A R K S H R O P S H I R E ( @ S H R O P )
  2. • Decoupled Drupal is the practice of using Drupal as

    a content management back-end to at least one other non-Drupal front-end. W H AT I S D E C O U P L E D D R U PA L ? back-end front-end
  3. W H Y D E C O U P L

    E D R U PA L ? • Fanciness • Presentation of data in ways that would otherwise be difficult using Drupal’s theme layer. • A front-end team is already familiar with Javascript, but not Drupal theming. • Use Drupal as a back-end for mobile applications.
  4. W H AT I S M E T E O

    R ? • Meteor is a Full Stack Javascript framework that enables rapid application development. • Universal JavaScript • Reactive Rendering • Optimistic UI • Websocket Microservices Reference: https://www.meteor.com/features
  5. H E L L O D R U PA L

    D D P ! • Drupal 7 Module and ddp.js node server
 https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/bfodeke/2354859 • Meteor Package
  6. H E L L O D R U PA L

    D D P ! • Drupal DDP leverages the best of Drupal and Meteor to provide a powerful set of development tools. • Drupal is a robust, mature, and secure content management framework. • Meteor is an exciting full stack JS framework that uses modern technologies and can speed up development.
  7. D R U PA L D D P F E

    AT U R E S • Sync nodes • Sync users • Sync taxonomy • Drupal private files access from Meteor clients • DDP for Pub/Sub between Drupal and Meteor
  8. W H Y D E C O U P L

    E W I T H M E T E O R ? • It’s awesome! • Full stack (front-end and back-end) • Meteor 1.2 supports Blaze, Angular, and React • Cordova baked in for Android and iOS clients • DDP (Distributed Data Protocol)
  9. D R U PA L D D P A R

    C H I T E C T U R E
  10. D R U PA L D D P D E

    M O
  11. G E T I N V O LV E D

    ! • We are all about community! • Drupal
 https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/2354859? categories=All • Meteor
 https://github.com/hb5co/drupal-ddp/issues • Tweet @bayofodeke or @shrop for details on accessing the Drupal DDP Slack channel