Getting Started with Swift and iOS Programming

Fae42a323f80bb60e27e7a0d08e19afa?s=47 Simon Ng
February 18, 2016

Getting Started with Swift and iOS Programming

The first tech talk of the Swift Hong Kong Meetup group. In this presentation, Simon gives a quick introduction to Swift and Playgrounds.

For the source code of the Playgrounds demo, please check it out on GitHub.

Swift Hong Kong is a meetup group, devoted to Swift and iOS Development. Each month we will gather to talk about Swift, latest trends, frameworks, third-party libraries, and tools. All experience levels, whether you’re a beginner or a mobile developers with years of experience, are welcome. If you want to learn Swift and are interested in iOS app development, this group is for you. For details, you can check it out here:


Simon Ng

February 18, 2016