CocoaPods Introduction

Fae42a323f80bb60e27e7a0d08e19afa?s=47 Simon Ng
March 12, 2016

CocoaPods Introduction

CocoaPods 簡介:如何利用開源程式庫提升App實力
這是我在AppCoda首個台灣開發者聚會的分享 ( ),主要介紹CocoaPods的基本運作和講解為何開發者需要使用CocoaPods。為了令大家更明白CocoaPods的使用方法,我們會透過改動一個簡單範例App並結合一個開源程式庫以提升其中的攝影功能。


以下是簡報提及的Open Source Libraries:

A brief introduction to CocoaPods, presented on Mar 12, 2016 during the first meetup of AppCoda TW ( In this presentation, I'll walk you through the basics of CocoaPods. You'll learn how to install CocoaPods, use it in your own Xcode projects, and understand how it can help you manage third-party/open source libraries.

To download the demo project, please check it out here:


Simon Ng

March 12, 2016