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How to Migrate Windows workloads to Google Cloud

How to Migrate Windows workloads to Google Cloud

A talk from Google Next 2019 in San Francisco with Souvik Choudhury.
Video recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIHqvja2Pf0&t=24s

Simon Zeltser

April 10, 2019

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  2. CMP201: How to migrate Windows workloads to Google Cloud Souvik

    Choudhury, Product Manager, Google Cloud Simon Zeltser, Developer Programs Engineer, Google
  3. We’re committed to making GCP a first class platform for

    running Microsoft workloads Urs Hölzle Senior Vice President, Technical Infrastructure
  4. Windows on GCP 2017 2018 2019 Windows Server Images 2016

    SQL Server images VSS integrated PD snapshots Support for WinRM Reference TSC enlightenment 2016 2015 Windows Server [2008R2, 2012R2] images SQL Server HA AlwaysOn Availability Groups Cloud Client Libraries in NuGet (Beta) Cloud Tools for VS and PowerShell Stackdriver support for ASP.NET Logging & Error Reporting Google joins .NET foundation Private IP for Windows VM SQL Server HA AlwaysOn FCI Migration Tooling for Windows Shielded VMs Managed AD (preview) BYOL sole tenancy New WS and SQL images And more to come . . .
  5. Open: No vendor lock-in, roadmap to an open future Google-grade

    everything: Innovation, efficiency, security, infrastructure, reliability Lift and Shift: Windows critical component of Enterprise workloads Data Gravity / Integration with Google applications: BigQuery, Cloud ML, App Engine
  6. Some key questions 1 How do i start? 2 Do

    I have to “rebuy” MSFT licenses? 3 What technology do I use for VM migration? How do I test?
  7. 1 Discover your application landscape 2 Assess your workload portfolio

    3 Estimate cost Discovery, assessment, and planning tools 4 Plan your migration
  8. (Highly simplified; each individual situation is different. Please validate with

    your MSFT licensing expert) Microsoft EA licensing basics (Windows) License requirement Description Remain fully dedicated Servers and such devices remain fully dedicated to customer’s use 90-day server affinity Cannot reassign a license [to new physical hardware] within 90 days of last reassignment except in case of permanent hardware failure or loss
  9. Buy special MSFT SPLA License for running Windows on Public

    Cloud General Fleet VMs Cost efficient for “spikey” workloads (esp. compute-optimized VMs) Extra cost if you have already licenses bought through MSFT EA 40% Cost of Windows VM MSFT licensing cost Up to 60% GCE instance cost 40%
  10. Bring your existing Microsoft Windows Server, Windows Desktop, and SQL

    Server** Licenses to GCP Complies with Microsoft BYOL requirements of dedicated hardware per customer and 90 day server affinity Must place Windows VMs on ST nodes Detailed reporting on hardware usage for audits etc** Sole tenant nodes for BYOL *Without need for MSFT Software Assurance ** Customer is still responsible for license compliance and reporting Single-tenant VM 1 VM 2 Host Hardware Host Kernel VM 1 VM 2 Host Hardware Host Kernel Announcing Beta
  11. Save even more on Licensing (& Infrastructure) Source: Kinsta Per

    second billing Custom VM Sizes Preemptible VMs Rightsizing Recommendations
  12. Easy, riskless migration with Velostrata. Google-owned cloud migration solution built

    for fast, at-scale lift-and-shift VM migration from on-prem VMware, EC2, Azure (coming H2’19) directly into Google Compute Engine. • Apps start on GCP in < 10 mins • Test & rollback • Handles GCP drivers and customizations (Power Settings / Firewall / NTP…) • Handles licensing: automated conversion to SPLA license • Windows BYOL & Shielded VM support (~H2’19) Velostrata for easy lift and shift
  13. Some key questions 1 How do i deploy new VMs/apps?

    2 Is it secure? How is the performance? 3 How do i manage my applications?
  14. Easily access license-included Windows Server and SQL images tested, patched,

    and performance-tuned by Google engineers Quickly launch VM instances with pre-installed images Readily available “Pay-as-you-go” images for SQL Server 2012+ on Windows Server Need a license? Pay by the second for the use of the Windows Server license. SQL Server Enterprise sql-ent-2017-win-2016 sql-ent-2016-win-2016 sql-ent-2016-win-2012-r2 sql-ent-2014-win-2012-r2 sql-ent-2014-win-2016 sql-ent-2012-win-2012-r2 SQL Server Standard sql-std-2017-win-2016 sql-std-2016-win-2016 sql-std-2016-win-2012-r2 sql-std-2014-win-2012-r2 sql-std-2012-win-2012-r2 SQL Server Web sql-web-2017-win-2016 sql-web-2016-win-2016 sql-web-2016-win-2012-r2 sql-web-2014-win-2012-r2 sql-web-2012-win-2012-r2 SQL Server Express sql-exp-2017-win-2016 sql-exp-2017-win-2012-r2 Premium Windows and SQL Images windows-2019 windows-2019-for-containers windows-2019-core windows-2019-core-for-containers windows-1809-core windows-1809-core-for-containers windows-1803-core windows-1803-core-for-containers windows-1709-core windows-1709-core-for-containers windows-2016 windows-2016-core windows-2012-r2 windows-2012-r2-core windows-2008-r2 Windows Server Backed by Google, supported by Microsoft. Windows and SQL: Google-engineered images
  15. GCP marketplace with solution templates by Google and partners for

    MS applications Marketplace solutions Deploy production-grade solutions in a few clicks Single bill for all your GCP and third-party services Manage solutions using Deployment Manager
  16. Shielded VMs are virtual machines (VMs) on Google Cloud Platform

    hardened by a set of security controls that help defend against rootkits and bootkits. Shielded VMs for special security needs Quickly protect VMs against advanced threats like remote attacks, privilege escalation, and malicious insiders Ensure workloads are trusted and verifiable with secure and measured boot, vTPM, UEFI firmware, and integrity monitoring Verify the integrity of your VMs with tamper-evident attestation claims Management Security Disks Networking Shielded VM Turn on all settings for the most secure configuration Turn on Secure Boot Turn on vTPM Turn on Integrity Monitoring ? ? ? ?
  17. Live migration keeps your virtual machine instances running even when

    a host system event occurs, such as a software or hardware update. Reliability with live migration Compute Engine live migrates your running instances to another host in the same zone rather than requiring your VMs to be rebooted. Perform maintenance that is integral to keeping infrastructure protected and reliable without interrupting any of your VMs. Live migration Huge differentiator
  18. Compliance Reporting Detailed reporting /compliance across Windows and Linux distros

    and across hybrid clouds Patch reliability insights/recommendations with ML/AI Patch Action Across Clouds & OSes Patch approvals with flexible scheduling Orchestrated patch actions Application aware patching Integrate with existing systems (Satellite, Microsoft tools Puppet/chef, ITSM, open source tools) GCP Patch and Configuration Management Coming soon
  19. Solution/workload: Microsoft Windows Server Migration, Microsoft Windows App Migration Lift

    and shift Windows workloads to Cloud SQL for SQL Server ALPHA Compatibility Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server and tools (Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Tool) Simple & fully managed Fully Managed Service including backups, replication, patches, and updates Reliability & availability Runs on GCP with Cloud SQL SLA 99.95% Announcing Alpha
  20. Cloud-based AD-dependent apps and servers Managed Service for Microsoft AD

    Managed Service for Microsoft AD A highly available, hardened Google Cloud service running actual Microsoft AD that enables you to: • Manage your cloud-based AD-dependent apps and servers • Automate AD server maintenance and security configuration • Connect your on-premises AD domain to the managed service Your on-prem datacenter Express interest at https://g.co/managedmsftad Beta coming soon
  21. Containers on GCP .Net Client Libraries for all GCP APIs

    Visual Studio Integration Write new apps or refactor older .Net apps to run on / leverage GCP Optimize infrastructure footprint, simplify and accelerate deployment Use your familiar work environment Observability with Stackdriver Observe .NET apps with logs, traces, monitoring, error reporting, and production debugging Innovation and openness with modernizing MSFT apps on GCP
  22. Windows Server containers in GKE Coming soon Use Google Cloud

    to containerize and modernize your Windows server applications. Ready to use Windows Server images tuned for containers Run Linux and Windows container pods side by side to in GKE Upgrade legacy Windows server apps, develop cloud-native microservice architectures, adopt DevOps Sign up for EAP
  23. Framework for modernizing apps on GCP New or existing apps

    that can be rewritten .Net to .Net Core conversions .Net Core on Linux on GKE Non .NET application that can be containerized GKE Windows containers on GKE (soon) Application can’t be containerized Managed AD, SQL, Patch & Config, easier security, higher perf, lower cost, …. Windows VM on GCP – lower operational overhead and cost than on-prem or other clouds GCP .Net APIs AppEngine VS Integration Stackdriver
  24. Demo storyboard Updated code rolled out to production using Cloud

    Code for VSCode 3 2 Debugged with Stackdriver Debugger w/logpoint for .Net core Front End Backend End code (bug) K8S 1 Database 4 Front End Backend End code (fixed) K8S Database
  25. Windows on GCP – a history of commitment New services

    announced @ Next 2019 1 Beta: Sole Tenancy BYOL 2 Pre-Beta: Managed AD Service pre-Beta 3 Alpha: Managed MS SQL 4 Coming soon: Patch and Config Mgmt Service 5 Coming soon: Windows on GKE 6 Coming soon: .Net Core support for Cloud Code for Visual Studio Code
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