Leveling Up A Heroic Team

Leveling Up A Heroic Team

Your application is a dragon and here’s how we’re going to form a successful raiding party to come out victorious (with minimal casualties!). When entering the field of web development, I discovered that the parallels of building a strong multiplayer gaming community and optimizing companies for success were undeniable. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to these parallels and use the lessons to strengthen your biggest asset-–your team–-to build a better company and a better web.


Aly Fulton

April 18, 2018


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    Background Currently have been leading Tonic [Lime] since 2012, which

    has a Guild Wars 2 focus. Previously led guilds and progression raid teams* in World of Warcraft. Software engineer at Sensu, toddler chaser (#momops), and cat herder. *I’ll explain what those are momentarily.
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    Progression raid teams Improve overtime for smoother/faster completions. Continue to

    push the goals further and further. Guild Wars 2 is copyrighted to ArenaNet, LLC
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    Importance of shared values Members should align with group’s concrete

    values & goals. Mismatch results in a negative experience for everyone.
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    Experiment! Time and freedom to experiment is an important learning

    tool. Guild Wars 2 is copyrighted to ArenaNet, LLC
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    Inclusion & sense of belonging If people don’t feel like

    they belong, they leave. Guild Wars 2 is copyrighted to ArenaNet, LLC
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    Reputation management Positive impact on community, positive impact on your

    image. Guild Wars 2 is copyrighted to ArenaNet, LLC
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    Evolve Change is inevitable so choose to embrace it. External

    and internal needs will change and you will need to change with them.
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    Worst thing you can say: “we’ve always done it this

    way and we’re going to change.”