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Writing Perl with w0rp/ale

Writing Perl with w0rp/ale

2018/03/30 Gotanda.pm Perl Technology Conference #16 LT


Shoichi Kaji

March 30, 2018

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  1. Writing Perl with w0rp/ale Shoichi Kaji

  2. Are you using vim?

  3. What plugin do you use?

  4. w0rp/ale

  5. w0rp/ale • Asynchronous Lint Engine for vim 8 • It

    comes with 2 perl linters • › perl -c —Mwarnings -Ilib filename › perlcritic --verbose '%l:%c %m\n' --nocolor filename
  6. w0rp/ale • It’s nice • OTOH, experienced Perl hackers may

    have their own linters for Perl. • Can we customize it easily? • Yes, but limited. • So I wrote a simple syntax checker in Perl.
  7. skaji/syntax-check-perl • It checks syntax by: • It is written

    in plain Perl, so you will easily tweak it as much as you want :) › perl -Ilib -Ilocal/lib/perl5 -Mwarnings -c filename
  8. skaji/syntax-check-perl call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged') Plug 'w0rp/ale' Plug 'skaji/syntax-check-perl' call plug#end() let

    g:ale_linters = { 'perl': ['perl'] } let g:ale_perl_perl_executable = \ g:plug_home . '/syntax-check-perl/syntax-check' let g:ale_perl_perl_options = '%s' SYNOPSIS: ~/.vimrc
  9. Conclusion • w0rp/ale is an asynchronous lint engine for vim

    8 • skaji/syntax-check-perl is a simple syntax checker written in plain Perl • ale + syntax-check-perl may help you write Perl with vim 8