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PyLadies Berlin December 2019 Meetup

PyLadies Berlin December 2019 Meetup

Community slides from PyLadies Berlin December 2019 meetup


Jessica Greene

December 10, 2019


  1. @PyLadiesBer PyLadiesBerlin PyLadies-Berlin pyladies-berlin.slack.com Pyladies Berlin Community Announcements

  2. PYLADIES AROUND THE WORLD PyLadies International mentorship group with a

    focus on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community. Mission Our mission is to promote, educate and advance a diverse Python community through outreach, education, conferences, events and social gatherings. https://www.pyladies.com/
  3. Pyladies Berlin slack Global Pyladies slack #germany, #general

  4. Make your channel eg. #django channel # slack

  5. @PyLadiesBer PyLadiesBerlin PyLadies-Berlin pyladies-berlin.slack.com PyLadies Berlin Get to know us

    • Actions: Regular monthly meetups with talks/workshops | Twice per year full day workshops | Networking coffee and cake - panel | setup events | Connect people to companies | anything we come up with :D • PyLadies Berlin Slack: Job offers, learning questions, topic suggestion | offers | announcements https://pyladies-berlin.herokuapp.com • #introductions channel, drop in and introduce yourself • Resources repo: read & contribute • Be a coach: https://github.com/PyLadiesBerlin/resources/blob/master/REA DME.md#coaching • Fill up our feedback forms in the end • PyLadies Berlin channels • LinkedIn for cv
  6. Get involved! Make a difference Give a talk/workshop Help organize

    a meetup Join speakers support Join coaches list We support you :) Brainstorming content Feedback in slides Talk run through no idea what to talk about? https://bit.ly/2m8s4pN Join the organizing team
  7. Non coding superpowers 5’ What superpower do you want talk

    about? • presentation skills • convince your colleagues • Asking “stupid questions” • salary negotiation • Networking tips • constructive feedback • interview preparation • CV preparation • Decisiveness • mindfulness under stress • organize your tasks • handle toxic environment • …..
  8. Next meetings meetup.com/PyLadies-Berlin Jan 14th 2020 @tbh Debugging Workshop Feb

    11th @tbh u? TBH PyLadies: Kunst edition
  9. @PyLadiesBer PyLadiesBerlin PyLadies-Berlin pyladies-berlin.slack.com Python Advent Twitter Dm us your

    code snippets, projects, libraries, tips, tools
  10. None
  11. Featured events Open Source Diversity Berlin https://opensourcediversity.org/ Heart of Code

    http://heartofcode.org/ Women who Code, Womentech makers, Women who Go, Code curious, OpenTech school, Django user group Keep an eye... Jan 9th Python User Groups https://www.meetup.com/Python-Users-Berlin-PUB/eve nts/nlrdnpybccbmb/ Dec 11th PyBerlin: Christmas event https://www.meetup.com/PyBerlin/events/266554182/ Dec 12th PyData: December Meetup https://www.meetup.com/PyData-Berlin/events/267061 142/
  12. @PyLadiesBer PyLadiesBerlin PyLadies-Berlin pyladies-berlin.slack.com

  13. - Was lovely - Time for more - Looking forward

    for the new ideas of the new org team Stepping down
  14. Today 19:00h - Pizza 19:15h - Community introduction 19:25h -

    bitcrowd introduction 19:35h - Lessons learned from 6 years Pyladies Berlin 20:15 h - BREAK 20:30h - Sorting Algorithms in Python 20:45h - Christmas tree live coding - pairing 21:00h - Networking 22:00h - See you next time \o/ minute by minute
  15. WIFI: Pass: