Michel van Luijtelaar


In this talk, Michel will explain the latest Local SEO strategies available for multi-location businesses in Apple Business Connect (ABC), Bing Places, and Google Business Profiles. While providing you with clear guidance on what to do to get the best out of your Multi-Location Local SEO strategy. The focus will be on the latest developments in ABC that are relevant for larger chains. But also on how one does an A/B test on Local SEO.And on what, performing A/B tests on large multi-location accounts across Europe, Michel has learned to the most impactful optimisation levers at your disposal. One of the key topics we will explore is Google reviews and the choices available to multi-location businesses for reputation management and interacting with customer feedback. Last but not least, Michel will show you how you can use his software to make a multi Location GMB account analysis, your first post and assess opportunities in reputation assessment - all from a free test account that you can activate in 10 minutes.



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