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A Technical Solution To Content Duplication

A Technical Solution To Content Duplication

This deck is from my BrightonSEO talk dated 10/09 on a technical solution to content duplication. This covers the types of content duplication and the solutions and where these are most effectively attributed depending on the circumstance.

Sophie Brannon

October 13, 2022

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  1. Duplicate content refers to content that is the same or

    very similar across the same domain or multiple
  2. @SophieBrannon 17 And they won’t know which version of a

    page to show for a relevant search term
  3. @SophieBrannon 22 URL variations include: • Click tracking & analytics

    codes • Session IDs • Printer-friendly URLs
  4. @SophieBrannon 23 But there are also lots of other types

    of common content duplication causes
  5. @SophieBrannon 28 There are a number of different solutions to

    consider but understanding the reason the issue exists will help you to find the best solution rather than a blanket fix
  6. @SophieBrannon 41 If you answered yes, no, yes, then you

    may want to noindex if canonicalisation isn’t an option
  7. @SophieBrannon 53 If you can implement a resolution, then that

    is often better choice for long-term SEO success
  8. @SophieBrannon 54 Redirects • HTTPS / HTTP domains • Pages

    that are not valuable, are outdated and irrelevant • Non-www / www. versions
  9. @SophieBrannon 55 Canonicalisation • Exact duplicate pages that offer user

    value and so need to remain • Pages that cannot be rewritten
  10. @SophieBrannon 56 Canonicalisation • One page generates more traffic /

    visibility than the other • You can’t redirect because of technical restrictions
  11. @SophieBrannon 57 Content Rewrites • You can target different key

    terms and search intent within the copy • You have the resource to implement
  12. @SophieBrannon 58 NoIndex • If you absolutely need to keep

    the page, but it holds no SEO value. • Bots are wasting valuable crawl budget & 301 redirects aren’t an option.