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Describes a highly customized private cloud from the ground up, Flipkart uses this cloud with thousands of machines to process tens of thousands orders a day


Pankaj Kaushal

March 20, 2013

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  1. Ops-ninjas@ kloud@ Kloud

  2. Aim Provide a simple web service that allows you to

    obtain more capacity with minimal friction
  3. Isolation Redundancy Super fast hardware allocation

  4. Reduces the time required to obtain and boot new machines

  5. Integrates seamlessly with the existing environment

  6. None
  7. for over a year Staging servers before Kloud 3

  8. within one month Staging virtual servers after Kloud 150

  9. time taken to allocate 60 servers 10 -15 days

  10. time taken to allocate 60 servers 10 -15 mins

  11. oldschool

  12. gradschool

  13. GUI DEMO

  14. gradschool

  15. gradschool

  16. None
  17. ldap puppet roles openvz containers automated dns

  18. How?

  19. How to kill?

  20. Openvz Puppet Host Database daemontools Openvz-web-panel

  21. Do the basics right

  22. Standardize your hardware App class Database class

  23. Standardize your hardware App class 32 Core 128G Ram Database

    class 24 Core 64 G Ram
  24. source of truth Get a centralised host database

  25. Must have details of all hosts that exist can store

    any type of info related to the host ability to tag hosts a simple remote API
  26. None
  27. None
  28. data stored in key value pairs all hosts have an

    entry hosts can be tagged
  29. tags can have propeties 3nd hosts based on tags source

    of truth
  30. provide a simple API code around it

  31. None
  32. Kloud (fk-vz-maker) decides which physical machine to create a VM

    smart rules knows what machines are on which rack/switch e.g not more than two webservers on the same machine not more than one LB on the same switch
  33. None
  34. host comes up runs 3rst boot task: <ipkartify connects to

  35. puppet server runs a poll script on hostdb creates new

    nodes adds hosts to roles create roles
  36. None
  37. None
  38. dns/nagios/munin/statsd/blah runs a poll script on hostdb does task based

    on the keys it's intrested in
  39. None
  40. None
  41. None
  42. Silverline Anyone can create three small hosts Can be used

    for anything User gets sudo No support from ops Anything happens: Destroy and Recreate
  43. None
  44. one more thing

  45. HTTP API usage based on demand hosts based on puppet

  46. credits Homescreen: AK/DK akdk.bandcamp.com Chainsaw girl: kooky love www.threadless.com/submission/190051/THE_RED open-vz-web-panel

  47. with lots of love from HostDB Abhishek Kona Anuj Mittal

    Krishnanarayanan V R Kloud Aadil Seshadri Burzin Engineer Kurian Cheeramelil Pankaj Kaushal
  48. happy hacking