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Rapid Mobile Development with React Native

Rapid Mobile Development with React Native

This is my presentation from F8 Meetup Malang on 19 April 2017. https://f8meetupmalang2017.splashthat.com/


Simon Sturmer

April 19, 2017

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  1. Rapid Mobile Development with React Native 19th April 2017

  2. I’m Simon JavaScript and React Enthusiast Founder and CTO -

    KodeFox, Inc. Twitter: @sstur_
  3. What is React Native Lets’ start with:

  4. React Native Enables you to build high quality native iOS

    and Android applications easily and quickly.
  5. React Native is free and open source.
 It was built

    at Facebook.
  6. Developer Experience Using React Native + Expo you can build

    for iOS and Android without ever opening Android Studio or Xcode and you don’t even need a Mac.
  7. Developer Joy •High performance compared with other cross- platform frameworks

    •Exceptional developer experience compared with native iOS/Android •Easy to get started
  8. React Web vs React Native

  9. Expo Expo is essentially a set of tools around React

    Native. • Extended access to native features (e.g. push notifications) • Easily Building and Running on Devices • Deployment
  10. Getting Started 1) Start a project using create-react-native-app

  11. Getting Started 2) Open your favorite editor and hack on

    some code.
  12. Getting Started 3) Run on your device: npm start

  13. This is where the Magic happens.

  14. None
  15. None
  16. We can run a native app effortlessly. (as easy as

    loading a webpage)
  17. Let’s try it now…

  18. [Bonus] Snack…

  19. This approach gives us: Everything React Native provides, PLUS: •

    Audio • Simple Push Notifications • QR code reader • Accelerometer • Map View • Video • Camera / Image Picker • SVG • Location services • Social Login
  20. Publishing Several Options: • Easily publish on the Expo platform

    • Build a standalone app for submitting to the App/Play Store • Detach and then use Xcode or Android Studio
  21. When to use React Native • When you want a

    great developer experience. • When you want high performance cross-platform. • Always.
  22. Benefits: • Easy to get started • Rapid Prototyping •

    Over the air updates (Code Push) • Easily send clients a demo of your app during development. • Cross platform • … much more
  23. Thanks for Listening! simon@kodefox.com github.com/sstur @sstur_ Special Thanks to: