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React: 5 Years Later

React: 5 Years Later

This is a talk I gave for Santa Cruz JS on May 14th, 2020. It was titled this way because it was 5 years after I delivered my first talk on React at the same meetup.

Simon Sturmer

May 14, 2020

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  1. When I came here five years ago... React was new

    and radically different from other frameworks of the time. I tried to convince you that React is a game changer.. "it will not just change the way you build user interfaces, but change the way you think about UI."
  2. Since then, React has become the de-facto standard in frontend

    development and has impacted the career of almost every JavaScript developer. Even the people in this room who are not using React today are likely using a framework that has been influenced by React in fundamental ways.
  3. I'm Simon I’m a software engineer, a founder, dad, consultant

    and trainer. I help companies build cool stuff with React. I worked at Facebook, I’ve been at Google/YouTube, I’ve hired and trained engineers and founded a consultancy and I’ve built a whole lot of React stuff. /sstur_
  4. Takeaways: • What's the journey been like so far •

    What have we learned • Why is React still #1 • What is new and exciting in React world 💯
  5. Let's take a look at how far we’ve come in

    the past few years ...but first, come with me on this journey back to May, 2015.
  6. • The Apple Watch has just been released; Airpods don’t

    exist yet • The first Macbook with USB-C just announced • Windows 10 not yet released • IE is the #2 browser w/ 10-20% market share; Edge does not exist yet • Barack Obama is president • InstaStories doesn’t exist yet (you have to use Snapchat) • Periscope and Meerkat just started the live-streaming trend • California is totally in a drought • Human contact is still a thing
  7. • ES6 still called "Harmony” • We’re mostly using Gulp

    and Browserify (Webpack is just getting popular) • AngularJS is the most popular web framework by huge margin • CSS in JS is not really a thing • The Node.js community is split in two: io.js / original Node • GraphQL just announced • React is starting to gain popularity • React Native has just been open sourced (iOS only) • Flux is hot! Redux doesn’t exist • Rust 1.0 just got announced
  8. Hooks: • Cleaner code; less code • No classes or

    `this` • Composable! • Excellent set of built-in hooks • No more HoC mess • Strongly typed
  9. One of the most exciting things to happen in the

    React ecosystem since we last talked is React Native.
  10. React Native: • Probably the most influential x-plat mobile solution

    to date. • Any web developer can jump into being a mobile dev • Fully immersive native experiences • Incredible ecosystem of packages • World-class companies are pushing this forward
  11. It's like the missing tooling for React Native • Tooling,

    libraries, SDK • Online playground • Build pipeline • Automation tools
  12. Concurrent Mode: • Huge shift in the way React internals

    work (demo) • React.lazy for granular control over code splitting • Enables Suspense for more granular control over loading states
  13. The future of React Native • Re-architecture of RN including

    new render engine (Fabric) • Hermes JS engine for fast perf on low-powered devices