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DevOps for Small Teams WavePHP 2018

Fef6ec2170ad1ecfcacdf2ead305f040?s=47 Joe Ferguson
September 21, 2018

DevOps for Small Teams WavePHP 2018

DevOps is a large part of a company of any size. In the 9+ years that I have been a professional developer I have always taken an interest in DevOps and have been the "server person" for most of the teams I have been a part of. I would like to teach others how easy it is to implement modern tools to make their everyday development and development processes better. I will cover a range of topics from "Stop using WAMP/MAMP and start using Vagrant", "version control isn't renaming files", "Automate common tasks with shell scripts / command line PHP apps" and "From Vagrant to Production".


Joe Ferguson

September 21, 2018

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  1. DevOps For Small Teams Joe Ferguson

  2. Who Am I? Joe Ferguson PHP Developer PHP Architect @

    Ministry Brands Twitter: @JoePFerguson OSMI Board Member Drone Racing Pilot
  3. My first “dev” job Hired to convert PSDs to HTML

  4. My first “dev” job Hired to convert PSDs to HTML

    Ended up building / hacking at web apps
  5. My first “dev” job Hired to convert PSDs to HTML

    Ended up building / hacking at web apps We had no DevOps (was it even a thing then?)
  6. My first “dev” job Hired to convert PSDs to HTML

    Ended up building / hacking at web apps We had no DevOps (was it even a thing then?) We invested in metal
  7. My first “dev” job Hired to convert PSDs to HTML

    Ended up building / hacking at web apps We had no DevOps (was it even a thing then?) We invested in metal Just started using “the cloud”
  8. My second dev job Yay I'm not alone!

  9. My second dev job Yay I'm not alone! I was

    still "the server person"
  10. Yay I'm not alone! I was still "the server person”

    Scaling a team We needed to scale up (and skill up) our team My second dev job
  11. Scaling a team Version control is NOT renaming files Version

    control EVERYTHING
  12. Teaching our team VCS https://try.github.io

  13. Teaching our team VCS https://guides.github.com

  14. Teaching our team VCS https://gettinggit.com/

  15. Teaching our team VCS https://leanpub.com/gitworkbook

  16. Trial & Error is ok!

  17. Scaling a team Stop Editing In Production!

  18. No more edit & uploading! Everything goes into version control!

  19. Disable FTP Access*! # echo troy >> /etc/ftpuser # echo

    andy >> /etc/ftpuser # echo joe >> /etc/ftpuser Better yet, disable FTP completely*
  20. *If you can

  21. Scaling a team Development environments

  22. MAMP, LAMP, WAMP, WAT? Mac/Linux/Windows Apache MySQL PHP These are

    all great tools
  23. Do you deploy to MAMP/WAMP?

  24. Why develop on a different configuration?

  25. Catch those environment bugs earlier

  26. Remove the phrase “…It works on my machine…” From your

  27. Or learn the phrase “We’re putting your machine into production”

  28. Stop using WAMP/MAMP and start using Vagrant!

  29. Virtualbox VMware Fusion & Desktop Parallels Desktop Virtual Machine Providers

  30. API Magic

  31. Runs Anywhere (almost)

  32. Vagrant allows you to: •Create a server •Configure a server

    •Delete a server …over and over and over..
  33. What’s a box?

  34. Not sure how to create a Vagrant box?

  35. None
  36. None
  37. What’s in Homestead •Ubuntu 18.04 •PHP 5.6->7.2 •Nginx •MySQL •MariaDB

    •Sqlite3 •Postgres •Composer •Yarn •NodeJS •Bower •Grunt •Gulp •Beanstalkd •Memcached •Redis
  38. What if Homestead doesn’t fit your application?

  39. PuPHPet.com

  40. Guided path to create your own Vagrant Supports common Distributions

    Customize users, firewall rules, cron jobs Add databases, virtual hosts Supports Ruby, PHP, Python, NodeJS, HHVM Beanstalkd & RabbitMQ Elastic Search & Apache Solr PuPHPet.com
  41. PuPHPet.com Great for learning HOW to build boxes Especially useful

    if you’d like to learn Puppet
  42. Other Provisioners Shell Chef - use existing Cookbooks Docker -

    used if your app is in Docker SaltStack
  43. Vagrant Cookbook https://leanpub.com/vagrantcookbook

  44. Ansible for DevOps https://leanpub.com/ansible-for-devops

  45. Vagrant is so 2013! CONTAINERS!

  46. Source: docker.com/what-docker Virtual Machines Containers

  47. Docker For Developers https://leanpub.com/dockerfordevs

  48. Learning Budget

  49. Learning Budget

  50. Scaling a team Test your code! Testing was the hardest

    part for us. The payoffs in catching regression bugs and confidence in our deployments was well worth it
  51. Is your code testable? If unit testing is hard, your

    code may not have been written to be testable.
  52. Testing Resources http://grumpy-learning.com

  53. Testing Resources https://laracasts.com/skills/testing

  54. Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

  55. Continuous Integration Frequently integrate code changes into the existing code

    repository Merging branches to master/production Automated build tests to ensure issues found quickly Does not have to be deployed
  56. Continuous Delivery Produce valuable changes in code in short cycles

    to be released at any time. AKA: Continuous Deployment Automated build tests to ensure issues found quickly Deployment happens on successful build
  57. Which is right for you? Your goal should be Continuous

    Integration (at least!) Strive for Continuous Delivery if it makes sense Applications with a live event component may not be suited for Continuous Delivery
  58. ServersForHackers.com

  59. There are a lot of CI solutions out there

  60. Getting CI Working https://twitter.com/sebdedeyne/status/842011393364791296

  61. What is your process?

  62. Create your workflow

  63. Optimize your time in the console

  64. Work smarter not harder

  65. Stop typing the same commands git status git pull origin

    master git branch —set-upstream-to=origin/master vagrant global-status | grep running redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis.conf php -S localhost:8000 ssh svpernova@joeferguson.me -t screen -dR irc gs gpm gsu vgr startredis startphp irc
  66. Make use of aliases alias gs=“git status” alias gpm=“git pull

    origin master” alias gsu=“git branch —set-upstream-to=origin/master” alias vgr=“vagrant global-status | grep running” alias startredis=“redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis.conf” alias startphp=“php -S localhost:8000” alias irc=“ssh svpernova@joeferguson.me -t screen -dR irc"
  67. Use Screen for long running processes https://www.mattcutts.com/blog/a-quick-tutorial-on-screen/

  68. Think of screen as a detachable window that contains your

  69. Screen Demo

  70. Want more Power? https://tmux.github.io

  71. Bash isn’t the only shell!

  72. http://ohmyz.sh Uses zsh 180+ Plugins 700+ Contributors 140+ Themes

  73. Customize your shell • Local IPs • Date Green Text

    because this is the local machine • User • Hostname • Current Path • Current time
  74. Customize your shell • User • Hostname • Current Path

    • Current time • Local IPs • Date Red Text because this is a remote machine
  75. Customize your shell Tab completion on steroids + Git branch

    info because we are in a repo
  76. Tab Completion Demo

  77. .zshrc

  78. Automate Common Tasks Alias long commands Shell script sequential commands

    Use cron to run your scripts at specific times Create installers for your settings
  79. Version Control Configs

  80. Do NOT version control your SSH keys!

  81. Do NOT version control your API keys!

  82. Recap Version Control everything you can Create a process that

    works for your team Practice how you play Test everything you can Automate everything you can
  83. Feedback! https://joind.in/talk/68798 Joe Ferguson Twitter: @JoePFerguson Email: joe@joeferguson.me Freenode: joepferguson

    Contact Info: