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Managing Modern Infrastructure with Ansible

Managing Modern Infrastructure with Ansible

Joe Ferguson

October 24, 2019

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  1. Who Am I? Joe Ferguson PHP Developer Senior Full Stack

    Dev @ Preteckt Open Source Geek ⚽,, and fan Twitter: @JoePFerguson
  2. Ansible Concepts Modules Standalone work units to perform a task

    Inventory Configuration Declaration of target systems to perform tasks upon Playbooks Complete set of roles / list of actions to take
  3. Ansible Variable Precedence • command line values (eg “-u user”)

    • role defaults • inventory file or script group vars • inventory group_vars/all • playbook group_vars/all • inventory group_vars/* • playbook group_vars/* • inventory file or script host vars
  4. General Ansible Advice Use environment based playbooks & inventory files

    for clear separation & to easily handle one off differences Use Python or some other environment variable system for managing your secrets! Couple variables to the most focused point, then raise their scope as you need
  5. Python for PHP Devs Python PHP Composer Packagist composer.json FPM

    ??? composer.lock Pip PyPi & Others requirements.txt WSGI VirtualEnv LOL lock files