Writing Code That Lasts Forever (Droidcon NYC 2018)

Writing Code That Lasts Forever (Droidcon NYC 2018)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZstpc2939s
Code: https://github.com/swankjesse/maintainability

Developers are perpetually fighting yesterday’s code. We need to conquer our immortal fears and build programs that evolve gracefully.

In this talk we’ll:
🗿 Discuss code that anticipates the future
🗿 Determine when to adopt frameworks and when not to!
🗿 Defy object-oriented principles
🗿 Speak about how good English leads to good Kotlin
🗿 Learn who will leave a legacy of code, and who will leave because of legacy code

This talk addresses some timeless problems in software development. Attendees will gain a permanent understanding of how to write maintainable code.


Jesse Wilson

August 28, 2018