JSON Explained (Chicago Roboto 2019)

JSON Explained (Chicago Roboto 2019)

Video: https://vimeo.com/341115830
Code: https://github.com/swankjesse/jsonexplained

Java and Kotlin coders: note this talk. Its tran-
script describes some tools to encode any
object. I’ll review the libraries including an an-
notation that can make your app faster.

In this talk we’ll:

🦕 Be warned about the format’s gotchas
🦕 Watch a JSON denial of service attack
🦕 Compare streaming vs. trees vs. databinding
🦕 Appreciate optimizations in Jackson, Gson, and Moshi
🦕 Study the bugs in these same libraries

The talk’s key value will be showing how JSON libraries work.


Jesse Wilson

April 26, 2019