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factory_boy & behave

factory_boy & behave

a talk on factory_boy and behave at Belfast Python Jan 2016

Stephen McCullough

January 20, 2016

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  1. FA C T O RY _ B O Y &

    B E H AV E S T E P H E N M C C U L L O U G H / / @ S W M C C / / P Y B E L FA S T / / J A N 2 0 1 6
  2. A B O U T M E • @swmcc on

    the interwebs • Currently working at Shopkeep • Talk was written when I was working at MissionIQ
  3. T H E V I R T U E O

    F T E S T I N G ? A L L A B O U T T E S T I N G
  4. – S O M E O N E I U

    S E D T O W O R K F O R “I can’t sell tests, Stephen!”
  5. W H AT I TA L K A B O

    U T • factory_boy - is a fixtures replacement based tool • behave - uses tests written in a natural language style, backed up by Python code
  6. A U D I T P L U S •

    Mission IQ - auditplus. • ipad app + web ‘back-end’
  7. A U D I T P L U S •

    Built using django. • First developed in May 2014 as a MVP. • Fully tested from the start. • Positive feedback lead to it becoming a full product.
  8. W H Y U S E FA C T O

    RY _ B O Y ? • Audit didn’t use factory_boy from the start. • Happily used fixtures for over a year.
  9. W H AT I S W R O N G

    W I T H F I X T U R E S ? • Easy to create. ‘manage.py dumpdata’. • Hard to read. • Hard to update. • Signal gets lost in the noise over time.
  10. W H Y WA S A U D I T

    F E E L I N G T H E PA I N ? • The more complex the business logic the more complex the setup for a test case.
  11. W H Y WA S A U D I T

    F E E L I N G T H E PA I N ? • Institutional knowledge required to write tests. • Fixture file was getting too big and a pain to edit. • Tests were getting slow to run. • Tests were getting too much of a pain to write.
  12. I N T R O T O FA C T

    O RY _ B O Y • What it looks like in the wild
  13. FA C T O RY _ B O Y •

    Can return default information. • Can override parameters if needed. • ‘Helper fields’ to aid in creating dynamic data. • This leads to a very potent testing framework.
  14. S E Q U E N C E AT T

    R I B U T E S
  15. N I C E F E AT U R E

    S • traverse joins - using django ‘__’ syntax. 
 user = UserFactory(profile__wants_sms_reminders=False, • don’t save to the database.
 F.build() • default attribute as a dictionary.
 F.attributes() • override creation process.
 def create(self, **kwargs):

  16. O R M S U P P O R T

    • Django • SQLAlchemy • Mogo • MogoMachine
  17. W H AT I S B E H AV E

    ? • behave is behaviour-driven development, Python style
  18. – D A N N O R T H “BDD

    is a second-generation, outside–in, pull- based, multiple-stakeholder, multiple-scale, high- automation, agile methodology. It describes a cycle of interactions with well-defined outputs, resulting in the delivery of working, tested software that matters.”
  19. – B E N N O R I C E

    “Behaviour testing allows you to test your application as a whole in such a way that all stakeholders can define and understand what is being tested.”
  20. B D D ? • All stake holders (people that

    define, write and own the requirements) can understand what is being tested. • Much bigger avenue of agreement during the process. • Encourages thinking about the application in a natural, consistent language.
  21. A L L O W E V E RY B

    O D Y T O W R I T E T E S T S • This is the ‘happy path’. • I have yet to see it happen. • I don’t think its necessarily a good thing to allow this.
  22. R E Q U I R E M E N

    T S • Don’t define your tests from your requirements. • Then don’t define your application from your requirements. • You ‘just’ define your application from the tests. • And then tests ARE the requirements!
  23. F E AT U R E S • As an

    [actor] (person/api consumer) • In order to [gain some benefit] • I want [a feature]
  24. S C E N A R I O S •

    Given [a precondition] • When [an action] • Then [an expected outcome]
  25. E X A M P L E O F A

    F E AT U R E
  26. B I N D I N G • A ‘feature’

    has to be binded to ‘something’ that can test it.
  27. G O O D A N D T H E

    B A D • As a concept I think BDD is good if in concert with other practises. • Everyone writing tests is a pipe dream. • The tooling is awful but if you keep your tests stupid it makes it easier.