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Python and neo4j - fuck the jvm

Python and neo4j - fuck the jvm

A lightning talk I gave at pyBelfast on the 30th Jan 2019 re: python, neo4j and an idea I have.


Stephen McCullough

January 30, 2019

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  1. Python & neo4j - Fuck the jvm Stephen McCullough /

    Pybelfast Jan 2019
  2. About me.. cos it is all about me, me, me!!!!

    • Lead Developer @ Futrli - we’re hiring • I co-organise pyBelfast, BelfastRuby and BelfastElixir • I’ll try and behave and not curse… • You can find me on the inter web on most things as @swmcc apart from twitter!
  3. Python & neo4j - Fuck the jvm • First off…

    I don’t mean “Fuck the jvm” • It is an incendiary title • I find graph databases interesting/fun • I don’t want to have to learn a new language to play with something • Python has a nice eco system around it for neo4j • Standing on others shoulders - Grant Dickerson
  4. What is a graph DB? • Composed of nodes (vertices)

    & relationships (edges) • Completely different paradigm from relationship databases • It focuses on the relationships between values and commonalities among a ‘set’ of values • Designed to treat the relationships between the data as equally important to the data itself • Intended to hold data without constricting it to a pre- defined model
  5. Use cases for a graph db • Fraud Detection &

    Analytics Solution • Ecomm fraud, insurance fraud, link analysis • Knowledge Graph • Asset management, Inventory • Recommendation Engines • Product recommendations, social recommendations • Identity & Access management • Cross referencing of business objects
  6. Knowledge Graph • It represents a knowledge domain. • Connects

    things of different types in a systematic way. • Encodes knowledge arranged in a network of nodes and links rather than tables of rows and columns • Grow a semantic network of facts about “things” and can use it for data integration, knowledge discovery, and in-depth analyses.
  7. For example • Homer Simpson (is friends with) with Kenny

    & Carl • Kenny (is friends with) Carl
  8. Nodes • A node is a “vertex between edges that

    may hold data” • Or as I call it “a wee box of data stores” • [name: Homer] • [name: Lenny] • [name: Carl]
  9. What does it look like?

  10. Cypher • Cypher is a graph query language supported by

    neo4j • Based on pattern matching and a SQL-like syntax • …. when I was doing this before I didn’t use it much • I used Gremlin • DSL for Groovy • Wanted to use either ruby or python for an idea I’ve had since 2013
  11. Is python fit enough? • I tried this out with

    ruby in 2013 • It didn’t go well, as you can imagine. • There were libraries but most weren’t fit for purpose • Reason that I went to Groovy • However its now 2019 and there is a very well supported “official” packages for python • Neo4j-python-driver • https://github.com/neo4j-examples/movies-python-bolt • Py2neo • https://py2neo.org/v4/
  12. Example Code from py2neo import Node nicole = Node("Person", name="Nicole",

    age=24) drew = Node("Person", name="Drew", age=20) mtdew = Node("Drink", name="Mountain Dew", calories=9000) cokezero = Node("Drink", name="Coke Zero", calories=0) coke = Node("Manufacturer", name="Coca Cola") pepsi = Node("Manufacturer", name="Pepsi") graph.create(nicole | drew | mtdew | cokezero | coke | pepsi) from scripts.vis import draw options = {"Person": "name", "Drink": "name", "Manufacturer": "name"} draw(graph, options) from py2neo import Relationship graph.create(Relationship(nicole, "LIKES", cokezero)) graph.create(Relationship(nicole, "LIKES", mtdew)) graph.create(Relationship(drew, "LIKES", mtdew)) graph.create(Relationship(coke, "MAKES", cokezero)) graph.create(Relationship(pepsi, "MAKES", mtdew)) draw(graph, options)
  13. None
  14. The Wire

  15. The GRROM

  16. None
  17. The Nodes - The Wire • All have common attributes:

    • Name • First / Last Appearance • Title • Section • Relationship between nodes
  18. Joe
 “Proposition Joe” Stewart name: Joe Stewart alias: Prop Joe

    first_apperance: 1.09 last_apperance: 5.04 section: The Street rank: Kingpin affiliation: [east-side, new day co- op]
  19. Russell
 “Stringer” Bell name: Russell Bell alias: Stringer first_apperance: 1.01

    last_apperance: 3.12 section: The Street rank: Street Boss affiliation: [west-side, new-day co- op, b&b properties]
  20. Cedric Daniels name: Cedric Daniels alias: first_apperance: 1.01 last_apperance: 5.10

    section: The Law rank: [Lieutenant, Major, Colonel, Chief Deputy Ops, Commissioner, ] affiliation: [police, lawyer]
  21. None
  22. Why do this??? • It doesn’t remind me of my

    day to day to work: • Not taking a section of a monolith and making a ‘micro service’ out of it • Not creating an API so that a front end can use it and display information • Nothing at all to do with my work • It is FUCKING FUN (for me at least).
  23. Going to do the following • Possibly come back at

    some stage and give you an actual talk on this, if there is interest • Will blog about it • Want to help me, please get in touch