SUSEcon2016 - Open Enterprise & Open Community - Empowering Each Other

SUSEcon2016 - Open Enterprise & Open Community - Empowering Each Other

SUSE Linux Enterprise provides a solid platform to customers thanks largely to a community project that experiments and implements many of the innovative technologies that you see in commercial products today. That community project is openSUSE. This talk will discuss the latest developments in the openSUSE Project, specifically the openSUSE Tumbleweed rolling distribution, and the openSUSE Leap hybrid distribution. It will also shed light on other technologies being developed inside openSUSE, such as OBS and openQA and share insights into some possibilities for the future. It will also detail areas where the openSUSE project directly impacts Enterprise customers, and the benefits of SLE customers being more involved as community members.


Richard Brown

November 09, 2016