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Agrorama, Green Hackathon, Dec 16 2012

Agrorama, Green Hackathon, Dec 16 2012

AGRORAMA: A proof-of-concept for making use of the Semantic Mediawiki power for the agro-community!


Tasos Koutoumanos

December 16, 2012


  1. Agrorama Agrorama Hacking around Semantic Mediawiki for the agro-community Nikos

    Manolis Tasos Koutoumanos AgroKnow Technologies AgroKnow Technologies www.agroknow.gr Green Hackathon Athens, Dec 14-16 2012 www.greenhackathon.com
  2. The opportunity • Greeks feel the urge to become (real)

    farmers again! • They consider working with new plants and crops! • They do it all over the country, in big and small fields, on the mountains, by the sea, in the sea! • They want to integrate technology in their business! • They consider organic and sustainable methods!
  3. Some threats • Farmers are working disconnected from each other.

    • New farmers cannot draw on existing experience. • New methods and crops don't allow for big communities. • Knowledge related to farming is tacit by nature.
  4. The motivation An interesting site for farmers of An interesting

    site for farmers of “sea-berry” or “seabuckthor” or “sea-berry” or “seabuckthor” or “hippophae” or AgroVoc-15770 :-) “hippophae” or AgroVoc-15770 :-) Very difficult to maintain, the Very difficult to maintain, the manager of the site needs to collect manager of the site needs to collect descriptions, edit them and publish descriptions, edit them and publish them one-by-one... them one-by-one...
  5. An idea for hacking • Bring-in knowledge with a more

    efficient way • Make this information more meaningful • Allow for more links between information • Give semantics to these links! hack it easy! hack it easy! choose the route of least effort choose the route of least effort
  6. MediaWiki • Powering WIKIPEDIA ▪ Almost all of us have

    used it for viewing information ▪ Some have used it for providing or editing information • Open Source, very well supported • Easy to deploy, easy to use • Light on resources, especially on the client side – old browsers, mobile interfaces, etc.
  7. Semantic MediaWiki • Wikis - a great tool for collecting

    and sharing knowledge. • But, they are less useful for getting queried or aggregated information. As a simple example, consider the following question: ▪ «What are common problems for sea-berries farms by the sea, during October?»
  8. A short demo... A short demo...

  9. What's next - milestones M1: M1: Wiki is used mainly

    for collecting knowledge. The web manager then publishes it on the web site M2:​ M2:​ Connect to the LOD cloud M3: M3: Wiki is also used for sharing knowledge M4: M4: Web services allow for interesting representations of data M5: M5: More social features for the community