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Happy birthday Network type amateur ground station Generation

August 13, 2020

Happy birthday Network type amateur ground station Generation

- Happy birthday!! Network type amateur ground station Generation!!
It is history of amateur ground station.
I divided 3 generations.
No.1 generation is rig type
No.2 generation is software defined radio type.
No.3 generation is network type.


August 13, 2020

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  1. ॕ͑ɺωοτϫʔΫܕΞϚ νϡΞ஍্ہͷ஀ੜΛʂ 3rd Gen.ʢୈ̏ੈ୅ʣͱݺশ͍ͨ͠ 2020/08/13 Y. Nakagawa@takuzirra Version 1.0

  2. ͓લ୭ͩ • த઒ɹՂେʢNakagawa Yoshihiroʣ • @takuzirra (twitter)ͱ͔ΪʔΫϋ΢εͭ͘͹ͷ༑རಸॹʢαʔΫϧ໊ʣ ͱ͔ͭ͘͹ੜଘݍ੡࡞ॴʢݸਓࣄۀओͷ԰߸ʣͱ͔ɺίʔϧαΠϯ͸ JJ1TBC •

    ஍্ہʹ͕ࠢ਒͑Δɻ࠷ۙ͸ແઢΛษڧ͠Α͏ͱ͍ͯ͠Δ • ಙࢁߴઐʢ৘ใిࢠ޻ֶՊʣˠࣛࣇౡେֶʢ෺ཧֶՊʣˠ૯߹ݚڀେ ֶӃେֶʢinѪ஌ɺޫԽֶ/෺ཧޫֶʣˠGNSS΍ίϯσϯαͷӉ஦ܥ ϕϯνϟʔͷSE→ϨʔβʔϚʔΧʔ΍༹઀ػͷاۀͷSE→஍্ہ΍ ਓ޻Ӵ੕ͷӉ஦ϕϯνϟʔͷSE→ແ৬ʁϑϦʔϥϯεʁ←ࠓίίʂ
  3. Abstract • 3rd Generation ground station is ground station with

    network and SDR. • It encourage cubesat and cubesat technology. • It realtime decode code can decode some modulation If it is in good observation condition.
  4. Զతੈ୅ఆٛ • 0th Gen. : Rig + Satellite tracker +

    Rotater/Manual + decode software from audio/manual • 1st Gen. : Rig + Hamlib + gpredict (or calsat32......) • 2nd Gen. : SDR + GQRX (or SDR# or Direwolf or GNU Radio or rtl_fm command……) • 3rd Gen. : With Network (WebSDR, Satnogs, TTN(Lacuna)) <- We are here!!
  5. Inspired picture Ref. https://satnogs.org/about/ 2nd Gen. We are around here

  6. 0th Gen. • Until now mainly amateur ground station. •

    Rig + Manual + decode software from audio/manual • Rig + Satellite tracker + Rotator + decode software from audio/manual Ref. : http://www.astro.mech.tohoku.ac.jp/~gsn/jp/index.php? %CB%CC%B3%A4%C6%BB%B2%CA%B3%D8%C2%E7%B3%D8%28%B5%EC%CB%CC%B3%A4%C6%BB%B9%A9%B6%C8%C2%E7%B3%D8%29
  7. Hardware Rig • Normal Rig (ී௨ͷແઢػ) Ref. : https://ja5xae.at.webry.info/201812/article_2.html Is

    IC-9700 SDR, direct conversion?
  8. Decode software from audio/manual • Now and in the past,

    audio from rig decode. Continuously audio from SDR software decode. • Or CW decode that human hear by ear. Ref. : http://uz7.ho.ua/packetradio.htm
  9. Satellite tracker • Satellite tracker is satellite tracking. • PICNIC

    is homemade kit that sell on ळ݄ిࢠ (Akiduki- Densi) in Akihabara. Ref. : https://jm1wbb.exblog.jp/15170539/
  10. Rotator • Rotator is manipulating antenna.

  11. Antenna Man (Ξϯςφ͓͡͞Μ) • Human track satellite with antenna. (instead

    of rotator) Ref. : https://qrznow.com/iaru-revises-satellite-coordination-guidelines-to-align-with-wrc-15-decisions/
  12. Radio tower in home/ university • Radio tower include rotator.

    • Sometimes a ham operator build radio tower in home. Ref. 1: https://www.jsdi.or.jp/~tina88/7k4iin/satant.html Ref. 2: https://www.slideshare.net/noritsuna/ss-82306748 Ref. 3: http://www.astro.mech.tohoku.ac.jp/~gsn/jp/index.php? %CB%CC%B3%A4%C6%BB%B2%CA%B3%D8%C2%E7%B3%D8%28%B5%EC%CB%CC%B3%A4%C6%BB%B9%A9%B6%C8%C2%E7%B3%D8%29
  13. 1st Gen. • Currently? mainly amateur ground station. High accuracy.

    • Hardware Rig + Hamlib + gpredict (or calsat32......)
  14. Hamlib • Hamlib is Linux library and can manipulate rig

    (frequency) and can manipulate rotator (elevation and azimuth toward satellite). Therefore Hamlib splitted rigctld and rotctld. Ref. : https://github.com/Hamlib
  15. gpredict • gpredict predict satellite pass and display. • gpredict

    is compatible with Hamlib, can manipulate frequency and rotator. Ref. : http://gpredict.oz9aec.net/
  16. 2nd Gen. • Cheap and easy. It expected next generation

    (around 2014? Ex. Funcube) • SDR + GQRX (or SDR# or Direwolf or GNU Radio or rtl_fm command…… + decode software from audio/manual)
  17. SDR dongle • SDR dongle is Software Define Radio frontend.

    It can acquire IQ(Raw) data to PC. • RTL-SDR(RTL2832) is widely used. First famous satellite project is Funcube dongle. Ref. : https://www.rtl-sdr.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/RTL-SDR-Blog-V3-Datasheet.pdf
  18. SDR# • SDR# is SDR frontend manipulating software on windows.

    • SDR# have feature of network. However it is not specialize satellite. Ref. : https://airspy.com/download/
  19. GQRX • GQRX is SDR frontend manipulating software on Linux.

    • GQRX is compatible with gpredict. Ref. : https://gqrx.dk/
  20. Direwolf • Direwolf is digital audio decoding software, AX.25 9k6FSK,

    1k2AFSK from audio through rig/SDR software on command line. Ref. : https://github.com/wb2osz/direwolf
  21. GNU Radio • GNU Radio is first famous SDR programming

    platform. • GNU Radio incorporated Osmosdr/Pothosware. Osmosdr is able to use RTL-SDR. Pothosware expand various SDR frontend. Ref. : https://www.gnuradio.org/
  22. rtl_fm command • For RTL-SDR rtl_fm command is acquiring IQ

    data and decoding FM modulation. • It can enable than GNU Radio in low power PC. • It had used cubehub, satnogs. It can correct doppler correlation from TCP/IP port. Ref. : http://kmkeen.com/rtl-demod-guide/
  23. 3rd Gen. • Ground station with network. • With Network

    (WebSDR, Satnogs project, Lacuna space(The Things Network, LoRaWAN)) • Commercial service is KSAT, AWS Ground Station, ……
  24. WebSDR • WebSDR display FFT spectrum scope and can hear

    audio and manipulate observing band width from web. • Other: Kiwi SDR network…… Ref. 1: http://websdr.org/ Ref. 2: https://eshail.batc.org.uk/nb/
  25. Satnogs network • Satnogs network is open source satellite observation

    • I had most referenced gr-satnogs that is part of this project. Ref. :https://network.satnogs.org/
  26. Lacuna space • Lacuna space launch LoRa communication satellite. LoRa

    communication connect The Things Network that is LoRaWAN. I think that is convenience. Ref. 1: https://lacuna.space/ Ref. 2: http://joomlaweb.blog117.fc2.com/blog-entry-1536.html
  27. Conclusion • ஍্ہͷਐԽ͕͍ͧ͢͝ɺָ͍ͧ͠ • ແઢͱιϑτ΢ΣΞɺRFιϑτ΢ΣΞΤϯδχΞͷ࣌୅ ૣ͘དྷͯ • ଟप೾਺ʢϚϧνʣΛ௒͑ͯɺϦίϯϑΟΪϟϥϒϧͳແ ઢͷ࣌୅ͷ౸དྷͩ

  28. Appendix 1 • At 2007-2014 in UNISEC it existed Ground

    Station Network Working Group. But details have not gotten yet. • Also detail of GENSO project (JAXA/ESA/NASA) have not gotten yet. Ref. 1: https://researchmap.jp/read0138520/published_papers/20899026 Ref. 2: http://www.astro.mech.tohoku.ac.jp/~gsn/jp/
  29. Appendix 2 • I recommend following without relation of content.

    1. 5000ԁͰ୭Ͱ΋࡞ΕΔ৽ੈ୅Ӵ੕஍্ہ https://www.slideshare.net/noritsuna/5000-77691748 2. GNU Radio Study for Super beginner https://www.slideshare.net/noritsuna/gnu-radio-study-for-super-beginner