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Tom J Nowell
November 29, 2012


What they did to WordPress 3.4

Tom J Nowell

November 29, 2012

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  1. 3.5-ness What they did to WordPress 3.4 Tom J Nowell

    - @tarendai
  2. A lot changed

  3. It Has New Things Retina Styling, new APIs, Colour pickers,

    Media Library, twentytwelve theme and more
  4. Colour Pickers

  5. Dashboard Welcome Panel

  6. TwentyTwelve Default Theme

  7. UI Styling

  8. Attachment Edit Pages

  9. Galleries

  10. Media Tabs?

  11. APIs • WP_Post • switch_to_blog no longer erases object caches

    • WP_Query Speed Bump & order by post__in • Meta queries for Comments and Users • Image Handlers & ImageMagick support • Max Memory Bumped to 40MB • Additional OEmbed Filters & Services • Backbone.js MVC based admin UIs • New Capability create_post • Add Taxonomy post Columns on registration • enqueue_script/style now supports // schema • Changes to css/js conventions on .min.js & .dev.js • ms-files.php off by default • SVN revision printed in the footer
  12. And more • XML_RPC on by default • Screen Reader

    & Keyboard improvements • Retina Theme Screenshots • View a users favourite plugins via the plugin installer • Rearranged Settings Pages • Search Icon Flipped Horizontally
  13. Some Things Have Been Removed Links Manager, Colour Pickers, Settings

    Pages and other cruft
  14. Links Before After

  15. Things Have Been Updated JQuery, JQuery UI, SimplePie, TinyMCE, jCrop

  16. It's Due Soon ~5th December

  17. 3.6? Re-adding easy TinyMCE views

  18. Questions?