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WP The Right Way

Tom J Nowell
February 07, 2015

WP The Right Way

Tom J Nowell

February 07, 2015

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  2. WP The Right Way

  3. I’m Tom J Nowell Automattic, VIP Wrangler

  4. So I Had a Problem

  5. None
  6. “OMG WE HAVE TO DO THIS” Jenny Wong

  7. Markdown # This is a Header This is a paragraph,

    with **some bold text** A way to write formatted text that can still be read
  8. Gitbook.io Online hosting for books

  9. None
  10. Contributing

  11. Making Changes 1. Visit the GitHub Page 2. Click the

    fork button 3. Make changes 4. Click the Pull Request button Pull Requests easy, and always welcome
  12. None
  13. Advice And problems encountered

  14. Don’t Announce Early Make sure you’ve actually started first

  15. Trademarks Don’t register domains with WordPress in the URL

  16. Examples & Slippery Slopes 1. Vagrant 2. Mamp 3. XAMPP

    4. ….etc etc Be careful making recommendations
  17. Translations Plan translations before they happen

  18. Licenses Having one is a great idea

  19. $£€ Commercialising State your intentions clearly or people get anxious

  20. Don’t be afraid to ask No change is too small

  21. Current Status

  22. 67,000+ pageviews

  23. 15 Active Contributors And many more

  24. Most Popular Country: Spain

  25. wptherightway.org

  26. I’m Tom J Nowell www.tomjn.com @tarendai