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Jackstones: the Journey to Mastery

Jackstones: the Journey to Mastery

Daniel Terhorst-North

September 05, 2013

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  1. @tastapod Mastery is capability in a context P = p

    - i Let's look at some different contexts
  2. @tastapod The concert pianist Learns: – music theory – piano

    theory – mechanics of playing piano – individual pieces Practices: – pitch, chords, scales and progressions – pieces, section by section – physical and mental repetition Mastery is consistently flawless performance
  3. @tastapod The composer Learns: – (usually) everything a musician learns

    – music history – theory of composition Practices: – (usually) everything a musician practices – composing and playing pieces Mastery is creating your magnum opus
  4. @tastapod The ice hockey player Learns: – how to skate

    – rules of hockey – tactics and techniques – combinations and game plays Practices: – individual techniques – team techniques and strategies – offensive and defensive techniques Mastery is consistently playing at your best
  5. @tastapod The soldier Learns: – Discipline – Survival techniques –

    Decision-making under pressure – Personal physical and mental boundaries Practices: – Repetition of basic skills – Unfamiliar scenarios Mastery is adapting instinctively to unfolding events
  6. @tastapod What is mastery to you? Producing beautiful code Developing

    wonderful products Creating business impact
  7. @tastapod As an apprentice Solve real problems – don't learn

    to swim-with-armbands Use Indirect Learning – create artificial constraints – try several approaches Optimise for feedback – from software and from people Find people who do what you want to do – model them, stalk them Study the basics – theory and methods – languages and tools – XP, TDD, Clean Code, SOLID principles
  8. @tastapod As a journeyman Build a portfolio – Try different

    approaches – Try different domains Learn how you learn – and how you practice Listen like you don't know the answer – because you might not If it ain't broke... – fix it anyway! What if you could make a computer do anything..?
  9. @tastapod As a master Remember where you started – and

    what it felt like The best programmers I know make time – let the learner make the discoveries – share in the excitement!
  10. @tastapod Conclusion: the Journey to Mastery Decide on your goal

    – you can always change your mind Understand your process – learn to learn, learn to practice The journey never ends!