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10 critical sales questions

10 critical sales questions

Ryan Dohrn workshop presentation


  1. 7/31/17 1 10 CRITICAL QUESTIONS www.360AdSales.com Ryan Dohrn, Founder [email protected]

    @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com When do you learn the most about someone… when you are talking or listening? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com
  2. 7/31/17 2 Most sales people talk 90% of the sales

    call. STOP TALKING START ASKING GREAT QUESTIONS! @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com It’s not a presentation, it’s a conversation. @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com
  3. 7/31/17 3 WHAT ARE YOUR 10 CRITICAL QUESTIONS? @ryandohrn –

    [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com 1. When you think about marketing your business do you want to be seen as present, competitive or dominant? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com
  4. 7/31/17 4 2. If we could create the perfect marketing

    campaign for you what do you want to see happen? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com 3. Is there a company or competitor you feel does a great job marketing ? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com
  5. 7/31/17 5 4. If we could help you bring in

    one new customer what would that mean to you? Or, what is one new client worth to you? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com 5. What ads have worked for you in the past? Why? Or, what ads have NOT worked? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com
  6. 7/31/17 6 6. Are they any new products or services

    you will debut in the next 6 months? Let’s plan ahead together. @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com 7. How does social media play a role in your advertising? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com
  7. 7/31/17 7 8. Do you have any videos to promote

    your product/service? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com 9. How many times do you feel a new customer of yours needs to see your marketing message before they make a decision to do business with you? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com
  8. 7/31/17 8 10. Do you have a system in place

    to track your marketing? Dedicated call in numbers, special promo codes, unique web sites, unique URL’s, dedicated promo cards, coupons? What about your Google Analytics? @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com 10 CRITICAL QUESTIONS www.360AdSales.com Ryan Dohrn, Founder [email protected] @ryandohrn – [email protected] - www.360AdSales.com