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Ad sales: Dealing with objections

Ad sales: Dealing with objections


  1. Ryan’s Reply… The problem with W.O.M. is that you lose

    control of your marketing message. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  2. Ryan’s Reply #2… It sounds like you are looking for

    a direct response from your ad? The problem is that your product is too expensive for DR. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  3. Ryan’s Reply #4… How does branding play a role in

    your total marketing plan? @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  4. Ryan’s Reply #5… You grow your reputation by affiliation. Good

    or bad. Affiliation with us and other advertisers. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  5. Ryan’s Reply #2… How much time per week do you

    plan to spend managing your social media? @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  6. Objection #4: I have no ad budget. Or… My budget

    is spent for the year. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  7. Ryan’s Reply #1… If money was not an issue do

    you like the idea? @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  8. Ryan’s Reply #2… If you like the idea do you

    find value in what I have presented? @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  9. Ryan’s Reply #3… When you think about your competitors or

    your perfect customer … how do you want to be perceived? Do you want to be perceived as present, competitive or dominant? @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  10. Ryan’s Reply… There is a reason they can do that.

    What do you offer for free to your customers? @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  11. Ryan’s Reply… Great. Lets set a time to chat. I

    don’t want to call you 5,000 times and email you 10,000 times… what about setting a time to chat next Tuesday at 3pm? @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  12. Ryan’s Option #1… You bet. We have three options to

    get you on our web site or in print. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  13. Sponsored Content Proposal Presented to: David Kelley, Amtrak Presented by:

    Ryan Dohrn, Sales Pro Magazine Overview: This proposal is focused on aligning the Amtrak brand with three articles being written about business travel in Sales Pro Magazine and online at SalesTrainingWorld.com. This unique series will feature an Amtrak spokesperson as a subject matter expert in each article. It will also feature unique Amtrak branding and photos in all components of the campaign. Maximum Exposure Sponsored Content Plan: 1. Each month a two-page article of 1200 words or less with photos is featured in Sales Pro Magazine. Amtrak is a positioned as a subject matter expert (SME) in the article. Total monthly readers, 55,000. 2. Article will be featured online at SalesTrainingWorld.com . Total monthly unique readers online 15,000. 3. Article will be promoted two times each week on the STW social media channels. Total monthly reach estimate of 75,000 readers. 4. Article will be mentioned in one monthly eNewsletter push to 5,700 readers. Monthly reach of campaign: 150,700 readers Monthly value of the campaign: $6500 DISCOUNT for multi-media buy: - $1250 Actual cost: $5250 per month Smart Exposure Sponsored Content Plan: All of the Maximum Exposure Plan above minus Print. Monthly reach of campaign: 95,700 readers Monthly value of the campaign: $5900 DISCOUNT for multi-media buy: - $950 Actual cost: $4950 per month Basic Exposure Sponsored Content Plan: All of the Smart Exposure Plan minus Print and Social. Monthly reach of campaign: 20,700 readers Monthly value of the campaign: $3500 DISCOUNT for multi-media buy: - $350 Actual cost: $3150 per month Note: All value based pricing above is based on a minimum three month campaign.
  14. Ryan’s Option #2… If you support us, we can support

    you. We often feature our advertisers in articles. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  15. Ryan’s Option #3… Writing an article about you will not

    give you the bang for your buck that you need to meet your marketing goals. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  16. Ryan’s Option #4… Our readers have come to expect a

    high level of integrity from us. They would see right through that idea and it might make you look bad. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  17. What are the chances you will get a new objection

    you have never ever heard? @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  18. Typical Sales Call… 1. Meet and greet. Truly mostly BS.

    2. Identify client goals. You ask they tell. Typical answers. 3. Gather info to create your proposal. 4. Look through the media kit. Handle objections. I have no money , blah blah blah. 5. Close. How about a proposal? @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com
  19. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com Revised Sales Call… 1. Meet and

    greet. Build trust fast. Cut to the chase? 2. Share success stories to prime the conversation and beat objections. 3. What do you think? SHUT UP! 4. Ask questions if needed before you present your ideas. 5. Present your ideas. 6. Handle last objections. 7. Close.
  20. 1. An advertiser that took a chance with you and

    the ad worked. And, they kept running with you. 2. Staff Growth, An advertiser that had 5 employees before advertising with you and now has 25. 3. An advertiser that has expanded locations. 4. An advertiser that increased frequency. 5. Advertisers that have changed the size of their ad with you do to success. @ryandohrn – [email protected] www.360AdSales.com Components of a great advertiser success story.