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The characteristics of an effective ad salesperson

The characteristics of an effective ad salesperson


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    Louisiana Press!
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    Reprinted from The Louisiana Press Association Newsletter
    Effective Ad or Effective Media Salesperson
    For My Client?
    Chuck Nau

    When business is tough to get and the economic environment continues to be challenging, we
    may often find ourselves asking the question 'Will this be an effective ad, whether online or in
    paper, for my client?' Maybe we are asking the wrong question. The better question might be
    'Am I being an effective media salesperson for my client, particularly now, in this tough economic
    How do you know? Who would you ask?
    During thirty plus years of dealing with retailer's ad managers, owners, product managers, ad
    agency decision makers, senior management and others involved in the newspaper buying
    process, I have had many discussions about what is expected of a superior ( ... and successful!)
    media salesperson. It did not matter if these were local store owners in small markets or national
    retailers and ad agencies … the following qualities consistently surfaced as benchmarks of a
    topnotch newspaper/media rep.
    • She is knowledgeable about us - our company, our products, our history, our people and
    the way we are organized, our customers, and our goals and strategies to achieve
    them. She is an idea person, helping us visualize how her paper can best be utilized to
    fill our needs. She thinks strategically … challenging us with more strategic ideas and
    • He gives reasons why newspapers products, including but not limited to, newspaper web
    sites, both his and others, should play an important role in our marketing strategy.
    He supports his reasons with research, testimonials, special features and

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    He involves us in understanding the value of his newspaper's readership and overall
    audience (print and online). He continually feeds us promotional material, updated
    market information and new product rollouts ( social and mobile media possibilities)
    thereby positively reinforcing our involvement with and investment in many of his
    newspaper products.
    • She is an account manager, not a salesperson. She is our point person for all of our
    contacts or dealings with her newspaper. She's enthusiastic and likes what she is
    doing, she's honest, and acts in her company's behalf when she should and our
    interests when she should. She anticipates problems that may occur and works to
    minimize their impact on our working relationship.
    • He is prepared whenever he works with us, understanding the value of time, using ours
    and his efficiently and effectively. He is familiar with our budgets, calendars, sale
    events and the overall decision making process. He is always thinking in terms of a
    plan or strategy, has an objective in mind, and rarely, if ever, discusses just one ad.
    • She sells from top to bottom, including everyone involved in the planning and decision
    making process. She helps solve our marketing challenges and problems, overcoming
    obstacles, and building on our successes. She keeps our entire team aware of any
    changes (at the paper, with the paper, in the market, outside the market) and regularly
    reviews with us her overall newspaper story.
    Last but not least, a topnotch media salesperson doesn't sell. Rather, he rolls up his sleeves and
    works to understand what his client is trying to accomplish. Helping them realize their goal and
    strategies through creative problem solving develops a long term partnership between his
    newspaper and the client’s organization that benefits them both.
    © Murray & Nau, Inc.
    Chuck Nau of Murray & Nau, Inc. is a Seattle area based publishing
    consultant and sales and management trainer. He has been a speaker for and conducted
    advertising, marketing, management and sales training workshops with newspapers, niche
    publishers, publishing groups and press associations, throughout North America.
    Comments and questions are welcome and may be directed to Chuck via email:
    [email protected]. or at (425) 603 - 0984.

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