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SFPC spring 2014

Taeyoon Choi
May 12, 2014

SFPC spring 2014

for SFPC's final event on May 4th.

Taeyoon Choi

May 12, 2014


  1. 2014 Spring 4 teachers, 1 administrator, 4 guest teachers 10~

    guest speakers ______________ 15 students
  2. This time, we ran the school for two weeks. It

    was fast and compressed compared to ten weeks term last fall. Short time frame allowed participants who otherwise could not have experienced sfpc.
  3. Curriculum • Zach and Taeyoon teaching on daily basis •

    Jonathan and Tega teaching workshops and and also offering individual support • Guest teachers are curated into the theme
  4. Day 1~3: Basics of Computation Day 4~7: Exploration of Tools

    Day 8~10: Code + Poetry Full schedule: https:/ /github.com/SFPC/spring2014
  5. We are getting better at organizing events, setting up clear

    expectations, aggregating knowledge. We are also able to teach more efficiently because we understand other teacher’s material.
  6. Tuition for two weeks was $1000/student, which is directly proportional

    to our ten weeks program. This meant we had tighter budget to run school. We don't want a different business model, we like the model we have. How can we make it sustainable?
  7. We are planning another full semester starting in September, 2014

    in New York. We are thinking about better access to more diverse community. Please contact us if you have an idea to make SFPC more balanced. We are searching for financial support from the community and corporations in hope to make the school more affordable. Email for more information and comments. [email protected]
  8. We thank all of our alumni for continued support, visiting

    speakers and teachers for generously sharing their energy and knowledge. Lev Manovich Becky Sterne Jer Thorp, Ben Rubin , OCR Masashi Kawamura, Qanta Shimizu, PARTY Kenneth Goldsmith We also thank Gary Chou of Orbital, the amazing space we used for two weeks in 155 Rivington street.