From You Can't to You Can: The Welcoming Nature of JavaScript

24b6e2ec670eaa8a5e0a1e78f2b101d9?s=47 Tejas Kumar
September 14, 2018

From You Can't to You Can: The Welcoming Nature of JavaScript

This talk aims to explore the intrinsic beauty of JavaScript, examining and enumerating its often-criticized strengths that make it the powerful language that it is today, and that has given birth to the most vibrant, supportive, inclusive developer community that we have.

Specifically, the talk aims to shed light on aspects of JavaScript that are often criticised: dynamic typing, implicit coercion, a lack of structural opinionation, prompting a second thought: could these parts of the language be strengths instead of perceived weaknesses?

The talk will also include a bit of my experience into programming: I am a chroncially ill, severely disabled person with a life-threatening sickness, yet I found a career in which I can flourish through JavaScript and its welcoming nature.


Tejas Kumar

September 14, 2018