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The State of Docker: product and community

May 30, 2019

The State of Docker: product and community

Docker Meetup Tokyo #30 (DockerCon・KubeCon EU報告会)
@tnir Takuya Noguchi
2019-05-30 @ NTT Software Innovation Center Tamachi


May 30, 2019

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  1. The State of Docker: product and community @tnir - 2019-05-30

    - Docker Meetup Tokyo #30 @NTT SIC Tamachi DockerCon SF 19から見えたもの
  2. #dockertokyo tnir • Software Engineer, developer experience for digital transformation

    • Docker Tokyo co-organizer • Core Team, GitLab • GitLab Tokyo / GitLab JP (co-)organizer • Cloud Native Ambassador, CNCF • 最近の関心事: Travis CIのコンテナベース化 • DockerCon初参加 (KubeCon EU BCNも参加)
  3. #dockertokyo DockerCon 19 SF • 日本のGWど真ん中 • Moscone West (サンフランシスコ)

    • 3+1日間 • 5000+人の参加者 ◦ 個人的に観測できた日本人は 4人 • スペイン語話者が多い(南米?)
  4. #dockertokyo Agenda • Day 0: Community Leader Summit / Workshops

    etc. • Day 1+2: Keynotes & sessions • Day 3: Open Source Summit ◦ Security, Compose +Docker App, buildkit, Service Mesh, CNAB, SwarmKit, containerd, Kubernetes, Serverless • Products from Docker Inc. • Community ◦ Captains, Community Leaders ◦ Docker Pals (一般参加者の交流)
  5. Docker by the numbers 44.1M Unique Docker Engines 1.7M Monthly

    Active Desktop Developers Container Image Pulls 105.2B Apps 5.6M
  6. Most Used Platform 3rd 2nd Most Loved Platform 1st Most

    Wanted Platform Developers love Docker https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2019#top-paying-technologies Docker 31.5% Kubernetes 8.5% Linux 83.1% Docker 77.8% Kubernetes 76.8%
  7. More Resources • buildx: https://github.com/docker/buildx • Videos: ◦ Keynote about

    new Arm collaboration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3qcJgSJA6U&t=1h33m17s ◦ Ecosystem Talk for a deep-dive on tech (demo starts at 10min): https://www.docker.com/dockercon/2019-videos?watch=developing-and-deploying-containers-for-arm-using- docker-des ◦ Multi-arch demo focus on A1: https://digilution.io/posts/multiarch-docker-builds/ • Blogs: ◦ Getting started with Docker on Arm: https://community.arm.com/developer/tools-software/tools/b/tools-software-ides-blog/posts/getting-started -with-docker-on-arm ◦ Multi-arch blog focused on A1: https://digilution.io/posts/multiarch-docker-builds/ ◦ BuildX: http://collabnix.com/building-arm-based-docker-images-on-docker-desktop-made-possible-using-buildx/ ◦ Jetson Nano: https://blog.hypriot.com/post/nvidia-jetson-nano-build-kernel-docker-optimized/
  8. Top Rated Sessions: https://www.docker.com/dockercon/2019-videos Node.js Rocks in Docker for Dev

    and Ops Bret Fisher, Docker Mastery eBPF Superpowers Liz Rice, Aqua Security Just what is a "service mesh", and if I get one will it make everything OK? Elton Stoneman, Docker How Docker Simplifies Kubernetes for the Masses David Yu + Jean Rouge, Docker Unleashing Chaos and Breaking Containers Ana Medina, Gremlin Why Making Your Containers Run is Only 40% of the Solution Tommy Hamilton, Quicken Loans Tips and Tricks of the Docker Captains Brandon Mitchell, BoxBoat Containers for Beginners Michael Irwin, Virginia Tech Message-Based Microservices Architectures - Benefits and Practical Matters Michele Bustamante, Soliance Write Maintainable Integration Tests with Docker Gianluca Arbezzano, InfluxData
  9. 750+ customers trust Docker Enterprise Oil & Gas / Energy

    Healthcare & Science Financial Services Tech & Manufacturing Insurance Public Sector
  10. Docker Desktop Enterprise • Single click to a native local

    Docker and certified Kubernetes environment for fast onboarding • Enable developer choice without compromising security ◦ Choice of IDE ◦ Choice of programming language ◦ Choice of app framework ◦ Choice of OS • App Designer & Templates: GUI to automatically generate Dockerfiles and Docker Compose files of IT ops-provided pre-configured app stacks to compress on-boarding safely • Pipeline: Automatically generate pre-configured pipelines for any CI backend to jumpstart outer loop • Version Packs: Match desktop and server environments to avoid “works on my machine” friction • Centralized Management: Maintain security and compliance while enabling developer productivity through centralized deployment, configuration, and upgrades
  11. First and only commercial Kubernetes support for both desktops and

    servers • Docker Desktop Enterprise and UCP • Synchronized via Version Packs • Certified K8s, commercially supported The only product with support for Docker Compose, Helm, Kubernetes yaml Enhanced security and access controls • Certificate-based authentication in addition to LDAP/AD and SAML 2.0 • Automated compliance assessment and reporting Complete Day 1 and Day 2 ops for Kubernetes • Installation, configuration, and hardened security • Upgrades, backup, and restore
  12. Docker Applications App description Containers Environment parameters 1 2 3

    port:8080 loglevel:debug cachesize:700M • “Container of containers” defines an application that can be comprised of multiple services • Removes the need to manage “mountains of YAML” and eliminates configuration overhead Supports Docker Compose, Kubernetes YAML, Helm Charts and more • Implements the new open standard, CNAB, announced by Docker and Microsoft • Parameterized fields allow for flexible deployment across different environments, delivering on “code once, deploy anywhere”
  13. Docker Enterprise-as-a-Service Managed Service On-prem | Private cloud | Public

    cloud • Full-managed enterprise container platform service ◦ CI/CD infrastructure ◦ Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) ◦ Universal Control Plane (UCP), including orchestration ◦ Docker Engine worker nodes • Choice ◦ Available on-prem (initially OpenStack) or public cloud (initially AWS and Azure) • On-demand ◦ Provisioning and scaling ◦ Usage-based pricing ◦ Monthly billing • Availability ◦ First partner: CapGemini ◦ In private tech previews with customers today ◦ Public beta available later in Q2 2019
  14. Docker Enterprise Customer Value Proposition Intrinsic Security 90% reduction in

    time-to-remediate Freedom of Choice Any application, OS, infrastructure High-Velocity Innovation 13x increase in app update frequency … with 40% less infrastructure
  15. Docker CLI Plugins: General Session Demos Plugins Delivery Vehicle Availability

    app 19.03-ce, 19.03-ee, Desktop CE, Desktop EE Available now via Engine Community and Desktop Community (Mac | Windows) Docker Enterprise 3.0 assemble 19.03-ee, Desktop Enterprise Available with Docker Enterprise 3.0 template 19.03-ee, Desktop Enterprise Available with Docker Enterprise 3.0 cluster 19.03-ee, Desktop Enterprise Available with Docker Enterprise 3.0 gmsa 19.03-ee, Desktop Enterprise Available with Docker Enterprise 3.0 registry 19.03-ee, Desktop Enterprise Available with Docker Enterprise 3.0 buildx desktop-edge Available in Desktop CE Edge (Mac | Windows), download the plugin jump beta.docker.com beta.docker.com pipeline beta.docker.com beta.docker.com
  16. That time when Docker Community Leader and Captain Michael Irwin

    delivered his DockerCon Talk in a Dino Suit. He’s really feeling the legacy apps!
  17. Community Leader of the Year Awards Palma, Mexico City London

    Cape Town Ottawa Jakarta Dominique Top Gloria Gonzalez Imre Nagi Dave Henderson Taygan Pillay
  18. #dockertokyo Top 5 sessions (by audience vote) 1. Building your

    Development Pipeline (CloudBees) https://youtu.be/gNVO2JIAvRE 2. Container Security: Theory and Practice at Netflix https://youtu.be/bWXne3jRTf0 3. Dockerfile Best Practice (Docker Inc.) https://youtu.be/JofsaZ3H1qM 4. Practical Istio (Tetrate) https://youtu.be/uRXzRfthYeU 5. Containerized Databases for Enterprise Applications (InterSystems) https://dockr.ly/30E025b
  19. #dockertokyo まとめ • Docker Enterprise 3.0リリース(K8sサポート, DX強化) • Docker 19.03はまだ出ない

    (5月末・・・) • Community&参加者ネットワーキング(Docker Pals)がとて もよかった YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkA60AVN3hh-XtoZ8zoZir6 wnpaVXGUgk DockerCon 2020 2020年6月15-18日 テキサス州オースティン (US)