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How standards changed the world

How standards changed the world

I was invited to speak at Ignite London 4 as part of Global Ignite Week, sponsored by O'Reilly. My talk was about how standards changed the world, and was delivered in exactly 5 minutes, with 20 slides and 15 seconds per slide.

Andrew Betts

April 20, 2012

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  1. Standards: Define our lives Often go unnoticed Should not be

    changed for no good reason I’m talking to you, Facebook. No newline. - status forms a sentence New line added. World ends.
  2. Fare: £10 Airbus  A319   Weight:   Speed:   Range:

      Components:   Build  6me:   Single  unit  cost:   Produc6on:   58  tonnes   511  mph   4000  miles   Approx  5  million  (depends  how  you  count)   8  months   £46  million   4,526  units  (since  1988)   Complexity: Breathtaking
  3. Life Parts: 4 Adenine   Formula:   Mass:   Density:

      Quan6ty:   C5 H5 N5   135.13  g/mol   1.6  g/cm3   1.5  billion   Guanine   Formula:   Mass:   Density:   Quan6ty:   C5 H5 N5 O     151.13  g/mol   2.2  g/cm3   1.5  billion   Cytosine   Formula:   Mass:   Density:   Quan6ty:   C4 H5 N3 O     111.1  g/mol   1.55  g/cm3   1.5  billion   Thymine   Formula:   Mass:   Density:   Quan6ty:   C5 H6 N2 O2     126.1  g/mol   1.23  g/cm3   1.5  billion  
  4. Standard origins Roman  Gladius  sword   Model:   Blade  length:

      Blade  width:   Weight:   Produc6on:   Pompeii   50cm   5cm   700g   500,000  units   Russell Crowe Not actually a Roman. Non-standard.
  5. A4  Paper   Aspect  ra6o:   Length:   Width:  

    Weight:   Standard:   Produc6on:   1  :  √2   297mm   210mm   5g   ISO216   30  trillion  sheets   per  year   America, please note good paper standards
  6. London   Reading   Bristol   Plymouth   0º  longitude

            Midday   -­‐1º  longitude     4  minutes  behind     11:56am   -­‐2.6º  longitude     10  minutes  behind     11:50am   -­‐4º  longitude     16  minutes  behind     11:44am  
  7. Eastern  China   Westernmost  longitude:   Meridian  longitude:   Time

     of  solar  noon:     73ºE   120ºE   15:00  
  8. BriFsh  domesFc  electrical  socket   Introduced:   Safety  features:  

            Standard:   Adop6on:   1947   Fused  plug   Long  earth  pin   Firm  fi_ng   Shu`ered  holes   Built  in  switch   BS  1363   UK   and  36  others  
  9. Improved  BS3163  plug   Previous  shortest  dimension:   New  shortest

     dimension:   4.4cm   0.8cm   HERO   Min Kyu Choi
  10. Hyper  Text  Transport  Protocol  (HTTP)   Standard:   Published:  

    Web  sites  today:   Web  pages  today:   Data  size  today:   Current  growth:   HTTP  1.1  /  RFC  2616   1991  (last  update  1999)   234  million   1.3  trillion  (2009)   5  million  terabytes   50m  websites  per  year   The standards for the web HTTP and HTML:
  11. “When a receiver host gets out-of- order packets, it SHOULD

    mark TCP ACK packets sent back to the sender as confused.” Hay,  R  &  Turkal  W,  Google  Inc.   (RFC5341,  April  2010)  
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