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Fergal Reid - Building products in the age of Ai

Fergal Reid - Building products in the age of Ai

Turing Fest

July 05, 2023

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  1. GPT / LLMs • Internet sized change • Change in

    capability • Change in how we build and use AI
  2. Level 1: GPTs are incredible! Level 2: GPTs make things

    up and aren’t trustworthy. Level 3: GPTs can be incredible when used right 

  3. Not a useful model • Human = genes and evolution

    ? • Distrust: 
 ‘It de fi nitely can’t do X because its just trained to predict the next word’
  4. Model: Database + Reasoning Engine • The reasoning engine is

    key • Often, the database is a liability
  5. • Less reliable at extrapolation • Favour interpolation • Perform

    a task, given a context • ‘Retrieval Augmented Generation’
  6. Model: Human intuition Ask a human to answer a historical

 vs Give them a history book and ask them the question
  7. Note: Context window limited • Thousands of words • Can’t

    put a whole KB, or context, in it • Synergizes well with Vector Search
  8. • 5th Dec: Rolling • 20th Dec: Internal use •

    ~13th Jan: Customer beta • 31st Jan: Launch with testimonials Timeline
  9. • Fast customer contact • Assume you can build v1

    of most ML with powerful LLM • Make cheap later • “LLMs aren’t all of AI” • How we build software has changed
  10. My key points • Internet sized change • Good model:

    DB+Reasoning • Changes how we build ML • Feature dif fi culty varies
  11. • V1: text tools, working around clunky interfaces • V2:

    features reasoning can enhance • V?: End to end problems where intelligence can help • Don’t underestimate the reasoning capability, very sophisticated
  12. • Breakneck progress • Smaller models, open? • Exciting but

    overhyped today • Productisation • Larger models