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Online Learning Resources_TBP_meetup

80c9848f1aca614f619a9d974b852dc0?s=47 Yucheng Wang
September 16, 2014

Online Learning Resources_TBP_meetup

It's more easier to learn programming than before, because there are lots online learning resources.


Yucheng Wang

September 16, 2014

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  1. Online Learning Resources ! for! Beginner Programmers Taipei Beginner Programmers

    Meetup #1
  2. Ԧ₮ఔ Yu-Cheng Wang @uchengwang PHP WordPress Laravel Restful API Freelancer

  3. I <3 Learning

  4. Learning is FUN But, sometime it’s STRUGGLING

  5. https://www.codeschool.com http://skillshare.com http://tutsplus.com/

  6. $29 / month Course(Interactive) Screencast Programming

  7. avg. $20/class or $9.95/month Business Design Fashion Film Music Photography

    Tech … You can also be a TEACHER! Project-based
  8. Free High Quality Tutorials $15 / course or $15 /

    month You can also be a TEACHER! Tech Design Business Music Audio Photo 3D …
  9. Learning by Doing Learning by Sharing Learning by Teaching

  10. What could we do together? https://hackpad.com/TBP-0H57doNsZTg TBPላशࢿݯखࡳ ޷จষᏅू ޷޻۩Ꮕू ෼ڗ㟬खᬑతሢҊ੒Ռ

  11. Thank You :) ucheng.wang@gmail.com Taipei Beginner Programmers Meetup #1 Message

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