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使用 ProjectHuddle 來管理客戶需求和回饋

80c9848f1aca614f619a9d974b852dc0?s=47 Yucheng Wang
August 31, 2019

使用 ProjectHuddle 來管理客戶需求和回饋

Using ProjectHuddle to Manage the Client Feedbacks


Yucheng Wang

August 31, 2019

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  1. 使⽤用 ProjectHuddle 來來管理理客⼾戶需求和回饋
 Using ProjectHuddle to Manage the Client Feedbacks

    WordPress Meetup Taichung #14
  2. 王昱程 Stanley
 PHP / Laravel / WordPress Developer WordPress

    Meetup Taichung #14
  3. 今天的分享適合誰 Designer Programmer Project Manager Freelancer Agency / Studio Webmaster

    in your company WordPress Meetup Taichung #14
  4. ⼀一個專案成功的要件 好的溝通 Good Communication What makes a project successful? 好的團隊和技術能⼒力力

    Team & Skill 清楚的規格 A Clear Scope 預算 Budget 實際的⽬目標 Why you need do this? 專案管理理 Project Management … WordPress Meetup Taichung #14
  5. ⼀一個專案成功的要件 管理理期待 
 Managing Expectations What makes a project successful?

    WordPress Meetup Taichung #14
  6. Basic Project Workflow Discover 需求發掘 Build & Code Deliver Wireframe

    設計線稿 Design 視覺設計 開發與建置 轉移 Maintain & Support 維護與⽀支援 WordPress Meetup Taichung #14
  7. Communicating with Client 1.Email 2.Messaging Tools(Messenger、Line、WeChat) 3.Phone WordPress Meetup Taichung

  8. Email is not a good communicating tool WordPress Meetup Taichung

  9. Tools Invision Balsamiq Moqups AdobeXD … WordPress Meetup Taichung #14

  10. Pricing WordPress Meetup Taichung #14

  11. What is ProjectHuddle? 溝通、協作的⼯工具 Communicating/Collaboration Tool 不是設計⼯工具 Not A Design

    Tool 是個外掛 WordPress plugin 可以安裝在⾃自⼰己的網站 Use on your own website 也可以直接安裝在客⼾戶網站 Can install on client’s website 可直接在網站上留留⾔言 Directly comment on website 不限使⽤用者 Unlimited Users 不限專案數 Unlimited Project 可以⽤用在非 WordPress 網站 Can use on a non-WP site WordPress Meetup Taichung #14
  12. Use ProjectHuddle on… Images PDFs Live website
 (WP/Non-WP) WordPress Meetup

    Taichung #14
  13. Use on a Live site Your Site (WP) Client Website

    (dashboard) install ProjectHuddle plugin install client site WP plugin or Add Javascript code on non-WP site WordPress Meetup Taichung #14