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Engineering Faster Web Experiences in Plain Sight

Engineering Faster Web Experiences in Plain Sight

Otemuyiwa Prosper

April 13, 2019

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  1. 2. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF CDNS! ⚓ ..push assets to the

    edge, use a content delivery network
  2. 4. Prefetch Resources Use Link tags to prefetch <link rel="prefetch"

    href="/fonts/arial.ttf" as="font" crossorigin> <link rel="prerender" href="/next-page.html">
  3. 8. Code Splitting & Tree Shaking 1. Webpack 2. Rollup

    3. Send less JavaScript to the user
  4. 9. Image & Files Handling ⚓ 1. Let a service

    handle your images & files e.g Cloudinary 2. Compression of Images & Files 3. Progressive Image Rendering 4. Lazy Loading