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The Complete Guide to building In-App Notifications in Web Apps

The Complete Guide to building In-App Notifications in Web Apps

Workshop that walks through building in-app notifications in web apps.

Otemuyiwa Prosper

June 16, 2023

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  1. The Complete Guide To Building In-App Notifications in Web Apps

    Prosper, Otemuyiwa Open Source Advocate, Novu Co-founder, Eden Life
  2. Pain Points in Building Notification Features / Systems 1. Setting

    up Notification Providers. 2. Writing custom code every time from project to project. 3. Adding Multiple Channels. 4. Adding & Switching Between Multiple Providers. 5. Building Digest & Delay Systems.
  3. What Novu is & provides… 1. Single API for all

    messaging providers(In-App, Email, SMS, Chat) 2. Easily Manage notifications over multiple channels. 3. Ships with CMS for layouts & design management. 4. Analyze multi-channel messages in a single dashboard. 5. Embeddable Notification Center with real-time updates.
  4. Workshop in Steps: 4. Clone this backend: https://github.com/unicodeveloper/osca-worksh op-backend 5.

    Run it locally - npm install & npm run dev …let’s add the appropriate env variables. ALTERNATIVE: Fire up postman & let’s use that!
  5. Workshop in Steps: Topics make it possible to trigger a

    notification to all subscribers assigned to a topic. It helps avoid listing all subscriber ids in the `to` field of the notification trigger.
  6. Resources to learn about Novu & In-App Notifications - https://docs.novu.co/

    - https://www.youtube.com/@novuhq - https://dev.to/novu - https://novu.co/blog
  7. One more thing: Novu welcomes you to contribute to it

    & please don’t forget to star the repo. 🌟